The Wilted Sunflowers

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The Wilted Sunflowers
Pinna Park
Location Pinna Park
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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The Wilted Sunflowers is the fourth episode of Pinna Park in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to defeat the Snooza Koopas around the beach. Completing this episode will cause Shadow Mario to appear near the Grand Pianta Statue holding a Yoshi egg, and defeating him will unlock the use of Yoshi in several episodes of each level.


Five Snooza Koopas have made their home on the beach of Pinna Island and are gnawing at the roots of the Sunflower Kids and the Great Sunflower, causing them to wilt. Mario must defeat each Snooza Koopa, restoring each of the Sunflower Kids and eventually the Great Sunflower. Upon defeating each Snooza Koopa, a patch of regular sunflowers will spawn where it was defeated.

Each Snooza Koopa will remain asleep until Mario sprays them with enough water; once awake, they attempt to attack Mario by jumping into the air and landing on him. If the Koopa lands in the sand, it becomes stuck for a brief period of time, and must be defeated with a Ground Pound. The amount of time each Koopa will remain stuck decreases as they are defeated. Once all the Snooza Koopas have been defeated, the Great Sunflower will reward the player with the Shine Sprite.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese かれヒマワリを すくえ!
Kare Himawari o Sukue!
Save the Wilted Sunflowers!
French (NOE) Les tournesols fanés The Wilted Sunflowers
German Der Untergang der Sonnenblumen The Downfall of the Sunflowers
Italian Girasoli in pericolo Sunflowers in Danger
Spanish (NOE) Operación: salvar a los girasoles Operation: Save the Sunflowers