Clean the East Bell

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Not to be confused with The Shine Gate Sparkle, which is also under the same name in one guide.
Clean the East Bell
SMS DP Shine 05.png
Location Delfino Plaza
Mission # 9
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Clean the East Bell,[1] also called Mario’s Cleaning Service,[2] Southern Bell,[3] and Belltower Clanging 2,[4] is a mission in Delfino Plaza in Super Mario Sunshine. It is quite similar to another mission, Clean the West Bell.

This mission is available from the start—it involves cleaning the bell in the tower at the southeast corner of the plaza. The player is intended to use the Rocket Nozzle to reach the top of the tower, though it can also be reached with careful use of the Hover Nozzle. Here, Mario must use his regular Squirt Nozzle to clear the goop off the bell. After it is fully cleaned, a Shine Sprite appears and is placed high above the tower. Mario may get onto the roof of the tower with either a back flip and Hover Nozzle, or a rocket jump on the ledge of the tower. He must then perform a rocket jump on top of the tower to reach and collect the Shine Sprite. As such, if the player cleans the bell before obtaining the Rocket Nozzle, they will not be able to collect the Shine Sprite when it appears, and the bell will become dirty again the next time he leaves the plaza.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Il campanile torna a suonare 2[5]
The belltower rings back 2


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