Pachinko Game

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Pachinko Game
Pachinko Game
Location Delfino Plaza
Mission # 12
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Pachinko Game,[1] also known as The Pachinko Mini-Game,[2] Pachinko,[3] and Pachinko Pain,[4] is a hidden minicourse in Super Mario Sunshine. It is located in the hole under the bridge between Delfino Plaza's cannon and the boathouse, indicated by a coin. This level is designed like a pachinko machine, hence the name. Mario spawns on a platform in front of the machine. He can then go to the bottom-left side of the machine, where there is a "launcher" that Mario can use to bounce into the machine. In the machine, there are five holes that Mario can land on, and there are also pegs placed near these five holes. Behind the machine, there is a set of slides that will guide Mario back to the launcher. At the bottom of the machine, there is a big opening that Mario can fall through and die.

The objective is to collect the 8 red coins situated throughout the level. Three red coins can be collected when Mario bounces up from the launcher, and the other five are in the five holes mentioned above. If Mario fails to land in a hole, he will fall through the bottom and lose a life. He can use the pegs and FLUDD to help guide him into a hole. After the 8 red coins are obtained, the Shine Sprite will appear in the big hole near the top of the machine. Mario must use the launcher to bounce into the hole and claim the Shine Sprite. There are no enemies in this level, although Mario can still get hurt from falling.

This level features an unusual physics mechanic: upon bouncing into the machine, there is an invisible force pushing Mario right until he reaches the center of the board, which makes landing in the left holes much more difficult. It is possible to get stuck in a perpetual Ground Pound due to this mechanic.[5]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パチンコ台ミニコース[6]
Pachinkodai Minikōsu
Pachinko Machine Minicourse
Italian Pachinko paura[7] Pachinko fear


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