The Hotel Lobby's Secret

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The Hotel Lobby's Secret
The Hotel Lobby's Secret
Location Sirena Beach
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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“See, the hotel, it's... Well it's full of... It's full of ghosts! So, well, could you maybe... Look, just come inside, please.”
Hotel manager, Super Mario Sunshine

The Hotel Lobby's Secret is the second episode of Sirena Beach in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to reach the top of Hotel Delfino and go through a secret course. After completing the episode once, the player can return to this episode to collect the Secret Shine Red Coins in Boo's Big Mouth.


The Golden Boo.
The Hotel Lobby's Secret entrance

The entrance to the secret course is in the hotel, so the player needs to talk to the hotel manager to be let in. Once inside, the player needs to spray the Block Boos floating around the central pillar which will transform them into platforms Mario can jump on. By using the platforms, the player can reach the top floor of the hotel, where a statue of a Big Boo known as the Golden Boo can be found on top of the pillar. Jumping into the mouth of the Golden Boo will transport Mario to the secret course, and Shadow Mario will appear to swipe FLUDD away.

The first part of the secret course has several large brick blocks. In order to cross the large gaps ahead, Mario has to jump on the Winged Strollin' Stus that move across and use them as platforms to reach the other side. Afterward is a tall wall covered in brick blocks. The player has to Wall Jump up the sides of the wall while breaking the blocks in order to move forward. After the wall are two paths made up of sand blocks; the player has to quickly cross one path of sand blocks before they disintegrate. Both paths will lead to a structure made up of various blocks, and Mario has to ground pound the second watermelon block in order to move forward (or Mario can fall off the opposite end and ground pound once he gets near the gear platform at the bottom). Once Mario stands on the gear-shaped platform, it will begin rotating while moving forward, and will lead to a pyramid of sand blocks. Behind the sand blocks is a platform with a single Strollin' Stu and the Shine Sprite.

Similar to The Secret of Ricco Tower, the background of the secret area features images of Mario's jumping sprite from Super Mario Bros.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホテルの ロビーの ヒミツ
Hoteru no Robī no Himitsu
Secret of the Hotel's Lobby

French (NOE) Le secret du hall de l'hôtel
The Secret of the Hotel Lobby
German Das Geheimnis der Hotellobby
The Secret of the Hotel-Lobby
Italian Il mistero della hall
The Mystery of the Lobby
Spanish (NOE) El secreto del vestíboolo
The Secret of the Lobby
(Vestíboolo is a pun on vestíbulo (lobby) and "boo".)