Mysterious Hotel Delfino

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Mysterious Hotel Delfino
Mysterious Hotel Delfino.png
Location Sirena Beach
Mission # 3
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Mysterious Hotel Delfino is the third episode of Sirena Beach in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to navigate Hotel Delfino to reach a blocked off room.


Orange Yoshi
Mario riding Yoshi.

The episode takes place within Hotel Delfino and is completed in a series of steps. First, the player needs to make Yoshi hatch out of his egg, but the fruit stand on the opposite end of the room does not carry the fruit Yoshi craves: a pineapple. To find the pineapple, the player has to enter the men's restroom on the first floor and jump into the leak on the far end of the room, which will bring Mario into a guest's bathtub. The player then has to spray a painting in the room that will reveal a picture of a Boo when fully sprayed, and will allow Mario to jump through to the next room. On the far end of the room is a set of closet doors; spraying them until it reveals a picture of a Boo will cause them to open and allow Mario to walk through to the next room. There are two Block Boos in the next room that the player can spray to create platforms, allowing Mario to reach a hole above. The player then must spray the bookshelf to enter the next room and ground pound on a floor tile. The player will fall into a room with several crates; three of which contain a pineapple.

After grabbing one, the player has to bring it down to Yoshi (Mario can open the door while carrying the pineapple) and ride him up the stairs to the top floor. In the far bedroom, Mario and Yoshi can jump onto the bed and use it as a trampoline to reach the attic above. The player then needs to take the next two paths opposite of the Sleepy Boos in them. At the third fork, Yoshi needs to eat one of the Boos and turn left, followed by eating the left Sleepy Boo as well. Continuing down the hall, the player will find a small room with a broken tile. Ground Pounding the tile will lead Mario and Yoshi into the pool where the Shine Sprite is located.

Through a glitch, the player can skip the entire level by grabbing a banana and jumping up high in front of the pool. While in the air, letting go of the banana will have the player clip through the wall and reach the Shine Sprite.[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese めいきゅうホテル・デルフィーノ
Meikyū Hoteru Derufīno
Labyrinth Hotel Delfino
French (NOE) Mystérieux Hôtel Delfino Mysterious Hotel Delfino
German Hotel Delfinos Mysterium Hotel Delfino's Mystery
Italian Sinistri ospiti all'Hotel Delfino Sinister Guests at Hotel Delfino
Spanish (NOE) El misterio del Hotel Delfino The Mystery of Hotel Delfino


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