Shadow Mario on the Loose

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Shadow Mario on the Loose
Shadow Mario on the Loose.png
Location Bianco Hills
Mission # 7
Game Super Mario Sunshine
Boss(es) Shadow Mario
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“Hey, didn't I just see you go bounding past here?”
Pianta, Super Mario Sunshine

Shadow Mario on the Loose is the seventh episode of Bianco Hills in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to defeat Shadow Mario. It is the first of seven episodes that involve chasing after Shadow Mario.


When Mario enters the level, Shadow Mario is at the top of the hill waiting. When Mario gets close, Shadow Mario runs off toward the town and continues to run around the town until Mario defeats him. Shadow Mario only stays in the town area, but he may jump on top of the buildings. Like with the encounter with Shadow Mario in Delfino Plaza, the player needs to spray Shadow Mario with water until he falls. The best way to do this is to lightly hold the R Button so Mario can run while spraying water. Once Shadow Mario falls and the player talks to him, the Shine Sprite appears where he fell.

If in this episode Mario talks to the tourist Pianta, on top of the Big Windmill who gives him the Blue Coin after cleaning him, he tells him, "I'm glad I made it all the way up here. But now, my legs are shaky. I wonder if I can get down?"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニセマリオを おえ!
Nise Mario o Oe!
Chase Shadow Mario!

French (NOE) Antimario en cavale
Shadow Mario on the Loose
German Mario Morgana ist los!
Shadow Mario is Loose!
Italian Occhio a Mario Ombra!
Watch out for Shadow Mario!
Spanish (NOE) ¡Mario Oscuro anda suelto!
Shadow Mario on the Loose!