The Gold Bird

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The Gold Bird
SMS DP Shine 07.png
Location Delfino Plaza
Mission # 6
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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The Gold Bird[1][page number needed] is a mission in Delfino Plaza in Super Mario Sunshine.

This mission involves tracking down and spraying a Gold Bird, usually encountered on or near a small nearby island with a Warp Pipe and dried up campfire. As with a similar mission with a similar setup, known as A Golden Bird, spraying the golden bird with water from F.L.U.D.D. or juice from Yoshi turns it into a Shine Sprite, which is then placed all the way on the other side of the plaza, on one of the platforms between the lighthouse and pipe leading to a secret area, near where the Shine Sprite spawning from the Shine Sprite in the Sand mission appears.


  • During the flood, the bird is still present, somehow perched on the water's surface.


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