Red Coins in the Hotel

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Red Coins in the Hotel
Red Coins in the Hotel.png
Location Sirena Beach
Mission # 8
Game Super Mario Sunshine
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Red Coins in the Hotel is the eighth episode of Sirena Beach in Super Mario Sunshine. The episode's objective is to collect the red coins placed throughout Hotel Delfino.


Inside the hotel, there will be a Red Switch Plate directly in front of the entrance. Ground Pounding it will cause eight red coins to appear throughout the hotel, and the player has five minutes to find them all. Collecting them all will make the Shine Sprite appear on the first floor of the hotel, though failing to find them all within the time limit will result in Mario losing a life. The player has to make use of secret panels and passage ways in order to find all the red coins in time. The locations of the red coins are:

  • Directly in front of the Red Switch Plate.
  • In the women's restroom to the right.
  • By jumping through the leak in the men's room and using the bed to reach the above floor, the player can reach the third red coin in the pool area.
  • Jumping back down through the previous panel back into the bedroom, the player can find the fourth red coin in a bedroom farther ahead by jumping through the Boo painting.
  • Leaving the room, the player can find the fifth red coin in the center of the second floor lobby.
  • In the center of the third floor's lobby.
  • By using the attic and making their way through the passage to the right of the cleaning Pianta and continuing to the corner room, the player can Ground Pound into the room below. Spraying the poster will allow Mario to jump through and find the seventh red coin.
  • By jumping through a panel back in the room through the poster, the player can find the final red coin in an alcove.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ホテルの なかの あかコイン
Hoteru no Naka no Aka Koin
Red Coins inside the Hotel

French (NOE) Les pièces rouges de l'hôtel
The Red Coins of the Hotel
German Rote Münzen im Hotel
Red Coins in the Hotel
Italian Monete rosse in hotel
Red Coins in the Hotel
Spanish (NOE) Las Monedas Rojas del hotel
The Red Coins of the Hotel