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Delfino Plaza
A screenshot of Delfino Plaza, the hub of Super Mario Sunshine, via emulation on the
A view of Delfino Plaza from Super Mario Sunshine
First appearance Super Mario Sunshine (2002)
Latest appearance Super Mario 3D All-Stars (2020)
Greater location Isle Delfino
Inhabitants Piantas, Raccoons

Delfino Plaza is the main hub of Isle Delfino, lying at the nose of the dolphin-shaped island, first appearing in Super Mario Sunshine. It is located at the foot of Corona Mountain and is named for the island it is located on. It is inhabited by Piantas and Raccoons.


Super Mario Sunshine[edit]

Mario hovering over Delfino Plaza's square.
Artwork of a Manhole (depicting a Sun) in Super Mario Sunshine.
A Manhole cover, which allows Mario to access the sewer system.

Delfino Plaza is the central location on Isle Delfino where Mario, Peach, and the Toads go to enjoy their vacation in Super Mario Sunshine. It is the largest settlement in the game and features a few landmarks, including the Shine Gate and the Grand Pianta Statue. It also houses a lighthouse, a Boathouse, and multiple small fruit stands. The Piantas that inhabit Delfino Plaza rely heavily on the presence of the many Shine Sprites as a source of safety and comfort. However, after Shadow Mario polluted the island with toxic graffiti, the Shine Sprites fled, casting Delfino Plaza into darkness. The island's inhabitants subsequently blamed Mario for the mess, and therefore tasked him with the cleaning of the entire island. After Mario chases and defeats Shadow Mario in Episode 7 of every level, Shadow Mario releases boiling water from Corona Mountain, flooding Delfino Plaza and forcing the citizens to retreat to their rooftops for safety. In addition, there is a large sewer system built directly under the town, which contains many coins, blue coins, and 1-Up Mushrooms.

Delfino Plaza also serves as the hub world of the game, as all seven main levels can be accessed from here, and Mario will return to the plaza after exiting a level as well. Bianco Hills, Ricco Harbor, and Gelato Beach can all be accessed via the Rainbow M portals that are located on the Grand Pianta Statue, the Boathouse, and the lighthouse respectively. Pinna Park can be accessed via a cannon on the west side of Delfino Plaza, and Noki Bay can be entered by staring at the sun while standing on a picture of a Shine Sprite in the port. Sirena Beach and Pianta Village are both accessed by means of red Warp Pipes, which are located on a local rooftop and the Shine Gate respectively. Once unlocked, Corona Mountain can be entered via a small cave directly behind the Shine Gate. After Corona Mountain is accessed at least once, even if Bowser has not yet been defeated, a boat will appear near the Boathouse, which will take Mario back to Delfino Airstrip for a 10-coin fare. As more Shine Sprites are collected, different events will play out and the plaza will keep on getting brighter until they are all collected or Bowser is defeated.

There are multiple events specific to Delfino Plaza only, which gradually become more frequent as the game progresses. They are listed as follows:

# Event Condition Description Result
1 Polluted Piranha Battle Collect the first Shine Sprite at Delfino Airstrip. Mario must defeat the Polluted Piranha in Bianco Square to reveal the Grand Pianta Statue. Shadow Mario appears and kidnaps Princess Peach.
2 Shadow Mario Chase Defeat the Polluted Piranha. Mario must chase Shadow Mario around Delfino Plaza and save Princess Peach. Once defeated, he will paint a Rainbow M on the Grand Pianta Statue. Bianco Hills is unlocked.
3 Boathouse Blues Collect 3 Shine Sprites. Mario must defeat the Gatekeeper on the dock on the west side of Delfino Plaza to reveal the Boathouse. Ricco Harbor is unlocked.
The light slowly starts to be restored.
4 Cleaning Lighthouse Collect 5 Shine Sprites. Mario must defeat the Polluted Piranha in the northeast corner of Delfino Plaza to reveal the lighthouse. Gelato Beach is unlocked.
5 Princess in Trouble Collect 10 Shine Sprites. Shadow Mario kidnaps Princess Peach once again, this time in a Bowser-shaped boat to take her to Pinna Island. Pinna Park is unlocked.
More light is restored.
6 Shadow Mario and the Yoshi Egg Complete Episode 4 in Pinna Park. Shadow Mario appears carrying a Yoshi Egg, and Mario must spray him to defeat him and collect it. Sirena Beach is unlocked.
Yoshi is available.
The entire plaza's light is restored, except for the portions outside the plaza.
7 Look into the Light Collect 20 Shine Sprites. Mario must stand on the Shine Sprite imprint near the Shine Gate and look at the sun to access Noki Bay. Noki Bay is unlocked.
8 Turbo Nozzle Collect 25 Shine Sprites and meet Yoshi. Shadow Mario appears carrying the Turbo Nozzle, and Mario must spray him to defeat him and collect it. The Turbo Nozzle is available.
9 Rocket Nozzle Collect 30 Shine Sprites and unlock the Turbo Nozzle. Shadow Mario appears carrying the Rocket Nozzle, and Mario must spray him to defeat him and collect it. The Rocket Nozzle is available.
Pianta Village is unlocked.
10 The Flood Complete Episode Seven in every level. Shadow Mario floods Delfino Plaza with boiling water, and Mario must chase him into Corona Mountain. Corona Mountain is unlocked.
11 New Threads Enter Corona Mountain for the first time. Mario must pay the Pianta near the Boathouse 10 coins so he will take him back to Delfino Airstrip. Delfino Airstrip is reopened.
The light is restored to the entire island.

Fifteen Shine Sprites can be collected in Delfino Plaza by accomplishing certain tasks. Additionally, like with the other courses, the player can earn a Shine Sprite by collecting a hundred coins.

# Image Episode Summary

1 SMS DP Shine 01.png Shine Sprite in the Sand Mario has to reveal an image of a Shine Sprite on the beach by spraying it.
2 SMS DP Shine 02.png Boxing Clever 1 This episode's objective is to smash crates within a time limit in the accessible house to the left of the Shine Gate.
3 SMS DP Shine 03.png Boxing Clever 2 This episode's objective is to smash crates within a time limit at a trickier difficulty in the accessible house to the left of the Shine Gate.
4 SMS DP Shine 04.png Clean the West Bell This episode's objective is to clean the large bell on the west side of the plaza.
5 SMS DP Shine 06.png Mario Toss This episode's objective is to give a Pianta on a roof above the crate house one coin to throw Mario into a tower.
6 SMS DP Shine 07.png The Gold Bird This episode's objective is to spray a golden bird on the island to the east after ten Shine Sprites have been collected.
7 SMS DP Shine 08.png Turbo Dash! This episode's objective is to break into a building underneath the west belltower using the Turbo Nozzle.
8 SMS DP Shine 09.png Lighthouse Roof This episode's objective is to Ground Pound the stone slab on top of the lighthouse using the Rocket Nozzle.
9 SMS DP Shine 05.png Clean the East Bell This episode's objective is to clean the large bell on the east side of the plaza.
10 SMS DP Shine 10.png The Shine Gate Sparkle This episode's objective is to clean the Shine Gate.
11 Mario in the northeast of Delfino Plaza Super Slide This episode's objective is to slide down the slide without falling.
12 SMS DP Shine 12.png Pachinko Game This episode's objective is to collect the red coins in an area resembling a Pachinko machine.
13 SMS DP Shine 13.png Lily Pad Ride This episode's objective is to collect the red coins without falling into a poisonous river.
14 Mario using the Turbo Nozzle to access the Turbo Track. Turbo Track This episode's objective is to use the Turbo Nozzle to dash across an area without falling.
15 SMS DP Shine 15.png Red Coin Field This episode's objective is to collect the red coins in an area filled with tall grass.

Twenty Blue Coins appear in Delfino Plaza, just like the main levels themselves:

# Image Location
1 SMS DP Blue Coin 01.png Obtained by spraying the M Graffiti near the Cannon leading to Pinna Island.
2 SMS DP Blue Coin 02.png Obtained by spraying the M Graffiti behind a box near the Boathouse.
3 SMS DP Blue Coin 03.png Same as Coin 2, but in front of the Shine Gate.
4 SMS DP Blue Coin 04.png Using the Turbo Nozzle, the player must run into the wooden gate at the bottom of one of the northeastern pillars.
5 SMS DP Blue Coin 05.png In the sewers.
6 SMS DP Blue Coin 06.png
7 SMS DP Blue Coin 07.png
8 SMS DP Blue Coin 08.png Obtained by spraying a blue bird.
9 SMS DP Blue Coin 09.png
10 SMS DP Blue Coin 10.png The player must put three Banana bunches into a Pianta's basket.
11 SMS DP Blue Coin 11.png The player must put three Pineapples into a Pianta's basket.
12 SMS DP Blue Coin 12.png The player must put three Coconuts into a Pianta's basket.
13 SMS DP Blue Coin 13.png The player must put three Durians into a Pianta's basket.
14 SMS DP Blue Coin 14.png In the southeastern belltower, accessed from a hole behind the tower.
15 SMS DP Blue Coin 15.png Frozen in a block of ice at Delfino Airstrip.
16 SMS DP Blue Coin 16.png Obtained by spraying the X Graffiti on the Grand Pianta Statue or southwestern belltower.
17 SMS DP Blue Coin 17.png
18 SMS DP Blue Coin 18.png Spraying a blue Pianta with flaming mushrooms on his back. This Pianta appears from Mario's first visit to Delfino Plaza, but his mushrooms are only on fire starting from when Mario first returns to Delfino Plaza after unlocking Gelato Beach. The Blue Coin can be obtained early during Mario's first visit to Delfino Plaza by luring Swoopin' Stus to intentionally spread goop near the Pianta and trap him, then rescuing him and cleaning him off.
19 SMS DP Blue Coin 19.png Obtained by spraying an Orange Juice Generator near the Cannon to Pinna Park with Juice.
20 SMS DP Blue Coin 20.png Obtained by spraying an Orange Juice Generator on the back of the police station tower with Juice.

Various Fruits appear in Delfino Plaza, and during the flood, all of them are on a southeastern rooftop.

  • 1-4. Southeast fruit market
  • 5. Southeast rooftop
  • 6. Tree directly northwest of the Grand Pianta Statue
  • 7. Tiny tower to the far south (in the ocean)
  • 1-2. In the fruit market in the southwest corner of the city
  • 3. Rooftop near the entrance to Pinna Park
  • 4-6. Northeast fruit market
  • 7-9. In the tree on the island to the far west
  • 1-2. In the fruit market up the pier from the Boathouse
  • 3-5. Northeast fruit market
  • 1. Rooftop near the Boathouse
  • 2-3. In the fountain next to the entrance to Noki Bay (Not in the Japanese version)
  • 4-6. Fruit market to the east
  • 1. Rooftop near the entrance to Pinna Park
  • 2-4. Fruit market to the east
  • 5-6. In the fountain directly north of the Grand Pianta Statue (Not in the Japanese version)
  • 1-4. Eastern fruit market

Mario Power Tennis[edit]

Main article: Delfino Plaza Court

A Delfino Plaza Court appears in Mario Power Tennis. If the player chooses to play without gimmicks, the court has a zig-zag pattern with bright, neon colors. If the player plays with gimmicks, the court turns a greenish-blueish color with 3 circles that have Petey Piranha's face on them. If the ball touches the circle, a Proto Piranha will pop up out of the goop next to the court and spit goop on the circle. The goop slows the player down, but it can be removed by stepping on the FLUDD circle next to it.

Mario Party 6[edit]

In Mario Party 6, Delfino Plaza serves as the setting for the Donkey Kong minigame Banana Shake. Additionally, a pier resembling the one near the entrance to Noki Bay (though with a Star in the floor design instead of a Shine Sprite and no fountain) appears in Pier Factor.

Fortune Street series[edit]

Delfino Plaza in Itadaki Street DS.
Main article: Delfino Plaza (board)

Delfino Plaza makes appearances in both Itadaki Street DS and Fortune Street. It looks identical to its appearance in Super Mario Sunshine.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Main article: Delfino Plaza (stage)

Delfino Plaza appears as a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. It takes place mostly in the skies of Delfino Plaza, on a set of floating platforms. The platforms frequently land in different areas of the Plaza, changing the stage layout of the fight. For example, the platform may land in front of where the Grand Pianta Statue is. The platforms soon appear again and take the fighters to a different area.

Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games[edit]

Delfino Plaza appears in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games as a Dream Event for Snow Day Street Hockey. There are 3 different arenas located on different parts of the plaza, one at the Grand Pianta Statue, one in the market place and another around houses near the cannon. Each arena has its own layout and hazards; the Grand Pianta Statue arena having banana peels and bouncy mushrooms on each side of the rink, the market place being full of brick blocks that can be turned into coins and the house rink having small holes in the wall the puck can go through. After doing so, a Pianta will throw a shell onto the rink which will act as the puck.


Delfino Plaza in Minecraft: Wii U Edition.

Delfino Plaza appears in the premade world for the Super Mario Mash-up in Minecraft.


Super Mario Sunshine[edit]

Guide Book information from Super Mario Sunshine
  • Guide Book: Tourists get off the ferries here, in Isle Delfino's largest city. Attractions include the Shine Gate and Grand Pianta Statue.

Fortune Street[edit]

Flag of the United States of America since July 4, 1960. For North American (and sometimes South American) release dates. "The largest metropolis on the southern resort of Isle Delfino. Once it was graffitied all over by the incorrigible Bowser Jr."


Main article: Isle Delfino (theme)

The music and theme of Delfino Plaza invokes Italian folk music. The melody alternates between guitar and accordion, while another guitar provides rhythm and an upright bass adds the pizzicato bassline. The melodies from Ricco Harbor, Gelato Beach, Bianco Hills, and The Staff Roll are all arrangements of Delfino Plaza's melody and are all written by Koji Kondo.

The original song and arrangements of it have also appeared in later games.

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドルピックタウン
Dorupikku Taun
Dolphic Town

Chinese (simplified) 德尔皮克镇[1]
Dé'ěrpíkè Zhèn
Dolphic Town

Chinese (traditional) 德爾皮克鎮
Dé'ěrpíkè Zhèn
Dolphic Town

Dutch Delfino Plaza
French Place Delfino
Delfino Plaza
German Piazza Delfino
Italian for "Dolphin Plaza"
Italian Delfinia
Korean 돌픽 타운
Dolpik Taun
Dolphic Town

Russian Площадь Дельфино
Ploshchad' Del'fino
Дельфино-Сити (Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games)
Delfino Plaza

Delfino City

Spanish Ciudad Delfino
Delfino City


  • The signs in Delfino Plaza that read Benvenuto ("welcome"), are written in Italian.
  • In the prison belltower, there is a nearly inaccessible Rocket Nozzle box that can be attained through glitching.[2]


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