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Koji Kondo
Born August 13, 1960 (age 61)
Mario-related role(s) Music composer

Koji Kondo (近藤 浩治, born August 13, 1960) is among the most prominent composers of music for Nintendo and the video game industry as a whole. As a close friend of Shigeru Miyamoto, most of the games he has composed for are Miyamoto's creations. He is most famous for his works on the Mario and The Legend of Zelda series. The overworld themes of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario World were his doing, among many other tunes. He sometimes appears at Nintendo Events, like E3, alongside Shigeru Miyamoto. Below is a list of Mario games he has composed for so far:

Games composed[edit]

One of his most famous tunes is the Super Mario Bros. "Ground Theme", which was in the Billboard ringtone charts for 125 weeks, and was performed in concerts by live orchestras.[3]

Song credits[edit]

Super Mario Sunshine[edit]

New Super Mario Bros.[edit]

  • Main Theme — Composition/arrangement[5]
  • Competitive BGM 1 — Composition/arrangement[6]

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

  • Egg Planet — Composition/arrangement[7]
  • Rosalina in the Observatory 1 — Composition/arrangement[7]
  • Rosalina's Comet Observatory 2 — Composition/arrangement[7]
  • Rosalina's Comet Observatory 3 — Composition/arrangement[7]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

  • Ground Theme (Super Mario Bros.) — Composition/arrangement

Super Mario Galaxy 2[edit]

Super Mario 3D World[edit]

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U[edit]

  • Super Mario Bros. Medley — Composition/arrangement

Super Mario Maker[edit]

  • Underground Theme - Edit Mode (Super Mario Bros.) - Composition/arrangement[10]

Super Mario Odyssey[edit]

*Also includes 8bit version

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate[edit]



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