Mojo Nixon

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“...let’s get this straight—I’m not really an actor. I was a drunk musician playing a drunk musician. (laughs)”
Mojo Nixon, Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive - Exclusive interview
Mojo Nixon as Toad in the film, before he was transformed into a Goomba

Mojo Nixon (birth name: Neill Kirby McMillan, Jr.) is primarily a musician, but also has had a few acting roles. His musical style is based on psychobilly music. Mojo Nixon was born on August 2, 1957 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He is the actor who plays Toad before he is turned into a Goomba in the Super Mario Bros. film. In this movie, he is portrayed as a street performer who plays rebellious songs against Koopa. After he is arrested by the police of Dinohattan, he is de-evolved into a Goomba.

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