Hitoshi Yamagami

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Hitoshi Yamagami
Hitoshi Yamagami
Occupation at Nintendo Producer, manager

Hitoshi Yamagami (山上 仁志) is a video game developer and producer works for Nintendo, and was the leading manager of SPD Group No. 2.

Yamagami joined Nintendo and was assigned to Nintendo R&D1 in 1989. Shortly after that, he framed the concepts of several puzzle games, such as Dr. Mario and Panel de Pon. After that, in addition, he directed and produced some Mario franchise, including Game & Watch Gallery series, a few Wario series, and Dr. Mario series. He has also been particularly engaged in the Pokémon franchise and Fire Emblem series. In recent years, he is often involved in the development of age-restricted games with second and third party developers.

Mario games involved[edit]