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Maude Church
Maude Church
Super Mario-related role(s) An artist and a developer of Mario's Time Machine Deluxe

Maude Church is an artist and a former employee of The Software Toolworks. She worked as a lead artist on the 1994 Deluxe re-release of Mario's Time Machine.


Maude Church (center right), next to Dan Guerra, Wes Jenkins, Vicki Sidley, Jeff Griffeath, and Jim Pearson.

Church was hired at Software Toolworks as a tempoary staff members, but was hired permanently after working there for six months.[1] She then worked on several other projects there before being given a role on Mario's Time Machine.[1] She worked on the game as an art lead, taking a specific role in adding animations to sprites that previously did not have them, which meant that there were a lot of limitations.[1] By the end of the project, she received a bonus for there was only one out-of-place pixel and for finishing on time.[1] She later worked on the company's games based on The Tale of Peter Rabbit, including The Adventures of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny.[1]

She currently works as a freelance artist, occasionally exhibiting her art in shows and teaching classes based on art.

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