Marc Graue

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Marc Graue during a voice recording session of Hotel Mario
“Considering Hotel Mario was released in 1994, I’m thrilled to see it take on a new life as a parody of itself on YouTube…or anything else you can think of! I don’t think the Academy will be calling me anytime soon, and I really dont feel it was “My Finest Moment As A Thespian”….but, hey! We had a lot of fun…. AND someone is still listening!!!.”
Marc Graue

Marc Graue is a voice actor who portrayed Mario, Luigi and Bowser on Hotel Mario. He is also a video game and television voice actor based in California. Works he voiced on include World of Warcraft, Avatar: The Last Airbender and the Ratchet & Clank "Future" trilogy (the third part of which also featured Charles Martinet in a major role).