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Kerri Kane
Photo of Kerri Kane
Super Mario–related role(s) Former voice actress for Rosalina
“I think what I love is the brightness of the games. They are colorful and cheery with creative characters.”
Kerri Kane

Kerri Kane (sometimes mistakenly credited as Kerry Kane in some Super Mario games) is an American voice actress who has portrayed Rosalina in several games for Nintendo starting with Mario Kart 7, taking over the role from Mercedes Rose and being succeeded by Laura Faye Smith. As well as voice acting for a variety of media, including video games, children's audiobooks, apps, and commercials, Kane works as a graphic artist. She is also an ardent fan of the Super Mario franchise and video games in general, describing her family as a "multi-console family", and naming Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda series as her favorite offerings from Nintendo.


Kane was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She became a fan of video games as at a young age, starting with 2-in-1 Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt for the NES. In her 20's, she moved to Oakhurst, California, where she worked for Sierra On-Line as an assistant graphic designer on various video game manuals. After spending time back in Massachusetts and Florida, she eventually moved to Seattle, Washington, and in 2008, she branched out and started doing voice acting in addition to her ongoing graphic design work. The audition for the role of Rosalina came in the first few months of her new career, which greatly excited Kane, as Nintendo was one of the three "dream companies" she hoped to someday work for. When Kane was chosen as Nintendo's top pick for the new voice of Rosalina, she described it as unbelievable and very special to her.

However, when Kane and her family moved to Florida after the release of Mario Kart 7, she was unable to work for Nintendo of America (as the company is based "3,000 miles away" across the country in Washington state). Kane continues to reside in Florida where she balances her voice acting career with freelance graphics work under the name Tiny Cows Design. Her projects range from working on brochures and other print media for her husband's 3D graphics company, Sundog Software, to designing flyers for animal non-profits, to creating illustrations for children's cards.

While Kane was not listed in the game's credits, her voice clips from Mario Kart 7 were reused for Rosalina's Mario Golf: World Tour appearance, in addition to some previously unused recordings that she had made for Nintendo.[1] However, while the credits of Mario Party 10, Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, and Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games also included her, misspelled as "Kerry Kane", she did not actually record the voice work used in those games.[2]


* - While Rosalina is voiced by Laura Faye Smith in four of the five sports in Mario Sports Superstars, Kane's voice recordings are used for Rosalina during Golf.[3] In a similar fashion, Kane's voice clips are reused in Mario Tennis Aces, but are mixed with previous recordings made by Laura Faye Smith for Mario Kart 8.

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  2. ^ While the credits of Mario Party 10 listed "Kerry Kane"[sic] as providing vocal work for the game, in an email, Kerri Kane explained that it was not in fact her work: "I do know it’s not me in this game however, as when I recorded for Miss Rosalina my script contained mostly "sounds" Like when you throw an object or when you are hit by one. Lots of Hoo's and Ha's, Yeahs and Yahs, things like that, some Alrights. I think the only long [...] sentence I recorded was something like "Hmmm, Not bad" So again a sound, but with a couple words. My script didn’t have a "Here I go" or the "Let's go" that I hear from Rosalina in MP10." (March 17, 2015)
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