Ernie Hudson

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Ernie Hudson
Ernie Hudson
Full name Earnest Lee Hudson
Species Human
First appearance Slime Busters
Portrayed by Himself

Earnest Lee Hudson (born December 17, 1945) is an American actor, well known for his role as Winston Zeddemore in both Ghostbusters films, Sergeant Daryl Albrecht in The Crow, and Warden Leo Glynn in Oz. He is also the only known member of the Slime Busters.


The Slime Busters receive a call from Mario Brothers Plumbing, where Mario and Luigi are suffering from an infestation of Slime Ghosts. As none of the Slime Busters really want to deal with the Mario Bros., they have a coin toss, which Ernie ultimately loses, forcing him into taking the job.

Ernie drives to Mario Brothers Plumbing in the Slime Busters' van and gets there just after a Slime Ghost pulls Luigi into the back room. Uncertain as to where the Slime Ghost was hiding, Ernie opts to check out the furnace, which is spewing an unusual amount of steam, but Mario shows Ernie to the back room. Before entering, Ernie asks Mario to put a dime in the parking meter if he does not make it out within ten minutes. Ernie then enters the room and comes out in disgust, complaining that what he saw in there is the most hideous entity he has ever seen. At that moment, Luigi comes out of the room, shaking violently. Mario asks for Ernie to shake Luigi's hand, but Ernie notes that he was shaking just fine.

Ernie tries checking for traces of the Slime Ghost on one of his devices, but he has little luck. Not paying attention to Luigi, who is clearly possessed by the Slime Ghost due to his warped voice and decision to eat a plate, Ernie figures that the Slime Ghost is nearby once some slime is flung onto the fridge.

Not knowing how else to deal with Luigi, Ernie has no other option but to shoot him with his proton gun, mentioning that it would either drive the Slime Ghost from his body, or turn him into a drooling, moronic zombie forever. Ernie shoots Luigi, who tries to deflect the shot with a pizza pan and succeeds in turning him back to normal. With Luigi cured, Ernie and Mario learn that everything worked out, except for the fact that the pizza pan had been dented.

Suddenly, the pizza pan, now possessed by the Slime Ghost, surrenders himself to Ernie and asks to be taken away from Mario and Luigi, whom he refers to as two "Goombas". When they hear that pizza pan speak, Ernie and Mario cannot help but laugh.

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