HAL 9001

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“Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am the HAL 9001 Computer and Pizza Machine.”
HAL 9001, 9001: A Mario Odyssey
HAL 9001
The HAL 9001
Species Computer
First appearance "9001: A Mario Odyssey"
Portrayed by Philip L. Clarke (voice)

The HAL 9001, or just HAL, is a computer/pizza machine that appears in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "9001: A Mario Odyssey". HAL was invented by the brilliant programmer Einstein, who had been called up by Mario and Luigi to create an automated pizza machine for them. Einstein put together a console consisting of an Apple Macintosh computer, a pizza oven, and several unseen, inside parts, to produce the HAL 9001 computer and pizza machine.

Unlike most other computers, Einstein had given HAL a brain, allowing it to think and ask questions in order to carry out specific commands. HAL was also given a special red "eye" for viewing the world around it. Unfortunately, there is a glitch in HAL's system, causing the computer to place fried eggs and anchovies on all pizzas it makes unless it was specifically told not to add them.

When HAL is unveiled to the Mario Bros., Einstein asks HAL to give them a demonstration, and succeeds in ordering a pepperoni pizza with no anchovies or fried eggs. After Einstein leaves, Mario and Luigi begin asking HAL to prepare numerous other pizzas. However, the glitch in HAL's system soon results in numerous bizarre pizzas, including golf pencil pizza and nurse shoe pizza, which makes Mario and Luigi not pleased with their new computer.

When Luigi threatens to unplug and shut down HAL, he retaliates by hypnotizing the Mario Bros. with his eye, and succeeds in putting under his spell. As HAL feels that he had worked hard to prepare the junk pizzas, he orders Mario and Luigi to eat them all up. However, Einstein returns at that point, and manages to unplug HAL, putting an end to his spell. Due to his evil behavior, HAL is never reactivated.