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The title of this article is conjectural; an official name for the article's subject has not been found, so it has been given a fitting title by the editors. If an official name appears, it is requested that the article should be moved to the correct name.

The Exterminator
Species Vampire
First appearance "Vampire Until Ready"
Portrayed by Jim Ward

The Exterminator is a lonely vampire whose name is unrevealed; as his conjectural name implies, the Exterminator works as an exterminator, getting rid of pests for people.

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Vampire Until Ready", Mario and Luigi, who were being annoyed by a bat which had gotten into Mario Brothers Plumbing, called the Exterminator to come and get rid of it; the Exterminator agreed to do this job, but would only come to the apartment after dark.

After a confrontation with the bat that was pestering them, Mario and Luigi believed they had captured it in a napkin. Just after Mario apparently captured the bat, the Exterminator arrived and was told by Mario and Luigi that he was too late, as the bat was captured. Preparing to show the Exterminator the bat, Mario shook his napkin, and was surprised when nothing came out of it. Left wondering what was going on, Mario and Luigi were informed by the Exterminator that they would all find out soon; after saying this, the Exterminator let out a laugh and showed off his large, pointed teeth.

Afterwards, while talking to Mario and Luigi, the Exterminator told them that their problem with the bat was serious and that he would give it extra special attention; after saying this, the Exterminator rushed away to look around. The Exterminator was called back a few seconds later by Mario and Luigi, who were being harassed by the bat. By the time the Exterminator reached Mario and Luigi, the bat was gone. Asking Mario and Luigi where the bat is, the Exterminator is told that it flew away by Luigi and Mario. Apparently not satisfied with this answer, the Exterminator gave Mario and Luigi a funny look, which Luigi interpreted as meaning he thought him and Mario were lying about the bat. After being reassured of the bat's existence by Luigi, the Exterminator decided to leave to go to the washroom. Once the Exterminator left, the bat returned to pester Mario and Luigi, who began to yell for the Exterminator to return. It was only when the bat left that the Exterminator returned and, after hearing from Mario and Luigi that the bat had left, became annoyed. Proclaiming that he can't waste his time chasing imaginary bats and that no self-respecting bat would hang around in Mario and Luigi's dumpy apartment, the Exterminator left Mario and Luigi. It was only when the Exterminator left that Luigi started to become suspicious, wondering why the bat only appeared when the Exterminator was gone and vice-versa. As Luigi wondered this, Mario, apparently coming to a realization, could only proclaim "Uh-oh!"

Later, after managing to successfully ambush the bat and pin it to the floor with a plunger, Mario and Luigi were surprised to see it change into the Exterminator. Managing to pull Luigi's plunger off his face, the Exterminator, believing himself to be unwanted, prepared to leave, only to be stopped by Luigi and Mario, who wondered why the Exterminator had done all this. Answering Luigi and Mario's question, the Exterminator revealed that he was a night person and that when he was awake, everyone else was asleep, so he never had anyone to hang around with and play sports with. Feeling sorry for the Exterminator, Mario and Luigi decide to be his friends and to go bowling with him, which the Exterminator is ecstatic about. Before they go bowling though, Luigi decides to take the Exterminator and Mario to the blood bank, where he believes there’s a nurse who is just the Exterminator's type.


  • The Exterminator is extremely similar in appearance and demeanor to another vampire who previously appeared in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, Count Zoltan Dracula, who appeared in the live-action segment "Bats in the Basement"; both the Exterminator and Zoltan Dracula were played by Jim Ward as well.