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This article is about the character in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! For the historical figure and scientist in Mario's Time Machine, see Albert Einstein.
Full name Albert Einstein
Species Human
First appearance "9001: A Mario Odyssey"
Portrayed by Ed Metzger

Mr. Albert Einstein, or just Einstein, also nicknamed Al or the Einster, is a computer programmer who appears in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "9001: A Mario Odyssey". He is a parody of Albert Einstein.

Einstein is a brilliant man, as he managed to invent the HAL 9001 computer and pizza machine for Mario and Luigi. Although he is confident that the HAL 9001 is near-perfect, he is unable to predict the dire consequences that arise when he leaves the computers with the Mario Bros.

It is only when Einstein returns to Mario Brothers Plumbing that he discovers that HAL has malfunctioned, and is attempting to hypnotize the two plumbers. Einstein quickly unplugs all of HAL's cords, shutting the computer off and freeing Mario and Luigi.

Einstein tries to apologize for everything that HAL has done, including the horrible pizzas (i.e. popcorn pizza) that have been prepared. Mario couldn't care less, as he intends on eating the bizarre pizzas anyway.


  • Einstein is portrayed by Ed Metzger, who notably portrays Albert Einstein in the only show endorsed by Einstein's family, Albert Einstein: The Practical Bohemian. It is a one-man show written and produced by Metzger that portrays Einstein throughout his life.