Nina (Mario Tennis series)

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Nina, as she appears in Mario Tennis: Power Tour
Species Human
First appearance Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color) (2000)
Latest appearance Mario Tennis: Power Tour (2005)
Latest portrayal Jessica Chisum[1] (2000)

Nina is a playable story mode character in the Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis. She is clad entirely in orange, from the color of her hair, and eyes to her tank top/mini-skirt, shoes, and racket. Nina can be transferred with the Transfer Pak to the Nintendo 64 version of Mario Tennis though not in its Virtual Console ports.

In Mario Tennis: Power Tour, she is a coach at the Academy. She enjoys teasing Alex. She comes in with Alex to congratulate Clay or Ace after beating Master Level on the Wall Practice and Tennis Machine minigames, during which she says something that gets on Alex's nerves. Other than that, she plays a small role in the game, just keeping an eye on the Swift Spin machine.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ニーナ

Italian Nina