Banana Bunch (minigame)

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This article is about the minigame in Mario Tennis. For the items, see Banana Bunch.
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Banana Bunch is a minigame in Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color. A variation of tennis, the premise is to hit Banana panels with a tennis ball as Donkey Kong. Points are scored for every Banana (or banana bunch) hit. One banana is equal to one point, while 3 bananas in a bunch is equal to 3 points. He can keep playing until he misses in the challenge mode. When the high score of 60 is beaten, the Jungle Court is unlocked.

The music for this minigame includes arrangements of the opening theme and the jingle for the How High Can You Get? screen from the original Donkey Kong arcade theme, as well as the title theme from the NES version. Its music is also shared with the Jungle Court.