Warehouse Court

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Warehouse Court
Ball Speed Slow
Bounce Strength Strong
Appearance(s) Mario Tennis (Game Boy Color)

The Warehouse Court is a tennis court that appears in Mario Tennis for the Game Boy Color. It may be the inspiration for Wario's Warehouse, a series of articles that appeared on Nintendo of Europe's website for a while in 2001, the same year Mario Tennis was released in most regions. It has a strong bounce with a slow ball speed, meaning that the ball travels slowly but high. It is unlocked after beating every Mario character in Exhibition on any difficulty, including the ones obtained from the Nintendo 64 Transfer Pak, with the same Mario character each time. It is an orange, pink and purple court located in a Warehouse with two "W" emblems in the in back ends of the court, signifying the courts relationship with Wario. A plane (likely the Bulldog) can be seen in the background of the court.