Piranha Court

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Piranha Court
Ball speed Normal
Bounce strength Normal
Appears in Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)

The Piranha Court is a special tennis court that appears in the Nintendo 64 game Mario Tennis exclusive to the Piranha Challenge mode. On the ground of the court, there is a picture of a Piranha Plant with some balls as the background, along with the word "Perfect!" under the Piranha Plant. This court has a normal bounce with a normal ball speed. To unlock the court, the player has to get a perfect score of 50 in the Piranha Challenge mode. As with other courts in the mode, the Piranha Plants stand on the baseline opposite of the player.

In-game description[edit]

"A special court for the Piranha Challenge."


  • The artwork of the Piranha Plant on the ground has it with white lips, unlike the actual ones in the court.