Waluigi Court

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Waluigi Court
Waluigi court in the game Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64).
Ball speed Fastest
Bounce strength Strongest
Appears in Mario Tennis (Nintendo 64)

The Waluigi Court is a tennis court that appears in Mario Tennis for Nintendo 64. As with Wario & Waluigi Court and Wario Court, the background of the court features treasure chests and ruins in a desert setting, and the music that plays is an arrangement of the daytime overworld theme of Wario Land 3. On the ground of the court, there is the picture of Waluigi holding his racket. This court has the strongest bounce with the fastest ball speed. To unlock the court, the player has to win the third round of the Medallion Match minigame from the Game Boy Color version of Mario Tennis, then transfer the data through a Transfer Pak. Due to the Transfer Pak being not compatible with the Wii, Wii U or Nintendo Switch, this court cannot be legitimately unlocked in the Virtual Console and Nintendo 64 - Nintendo Switch Online versions of the game.

In-game description[edit]

"Waluigi customized this court himself."