Hand-Power Save

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Hand-Power Save
Willy using the Hand-Power Save.
Used by Willy, Clay, Ace
Type Defensive Power Shot
Appears in Mario Tennis: Power Tour
PS Points 1 ESP

The Hand-Power Save is a Defensive Power Shot that Clay and Ace can use in Mario Tennis: Power Tour, and L1 ESP is required to obtain it. Willy also uses this shot in the Island Open, and must be defeated in the finals to unlock Instinct Drill, the only source of PS ESP to acquire it with. Upon use, the user will send out a magic hand to brings the ball back to them.

In-game description[edit]

"A save that brings in balls from far away using hand power."


  • The use of a magic hand resembles Psynergy from the Golden Sun series. This is likely a direct reference, as Mario Tennis: Power Tour and the Golden Sun series are both developed by Camelot.