Reflex Rally

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Reflex Rally
“This is the Reflex Rally, a new machine to build PS Response.”
Minigame Instructor, Mario Tennis: Power Tour

Reflex Rally, is the seventh minigame from the Game Boy Advance game, Mario Tennis: Power Tour. This minigame helps Clay or Ace build up PS Response, which is beneficial to their Power Shots. The player plays rock-paper-scissors against a robot, appropriately called the R.P.S Mech. The robot's move appears on the screen and the player must use the correct move. Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors, and scissors beat paper. If the player chooses the correct move, a pot or a block will hit the robot. However, if the player chooses the losing move, they get hit with an object. For each level, the player gets sixty seconds to complete, but the amount of lives for the R.P.S. Mech varies.


  • Choose paper - +Control Pad left
  • Choose scissor - +Control Pad down
  • Choose rock - +Control Pad right

In-game descriptions[edit]

Level 1: Beat the R.P.S. Mech 20 times within 60 seconds.
Level 2: Beat the R.P.S. Mech 40 times within 60 seconds.
Level 3: Beat the R.P.S. Mech 60 times within 60 seconds.
Challenge: See how long it takes you to beat the R.P.S. Mech 100 times. Try for a faster time!

Browser game[edit]

Icon used for browser games related to Mario Tennis: Power Tour
Title screen
Title screen, with instructions

To promote Mario Tennis: Power Tour, the minigame was remade as an online Flash game that appeared under the name Mario Tennis: Power Tour -- Reflex Rally in the Nintendo Arcade, a section with promotional web games on Nintendo's official website.[1]

From a gameplay standpoint, there are no major differences between the two versions, although the timer in the Flash version starts counting from 30 instead of 60 seconds as in the original minigame. There is also no set score to beat, and the player always controls Clay.


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