The Drafting Table

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“It's where the Professor conceives his wild-brained inventions to rid the mansion of ghosts. But it's where you draft your Luigi's Mansion spook-e-cards/you create your own Luigi's Mansion masterpiece with these creepy colouring-in templates. Don't miss the ghost-album! That's right... ghosts have vacations too!”
Description on the main screen
The Drafting Table
A screenshot of the "Drafting Table" activity from the Luigi's Mansion website
Main screen on the European site
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Browser
Release date 2001[citation needed]
Genre Action
Rating(s) N/A
Mode(s) Single player
Format HTML, Adobe Flash
Input Mouse

The Drafting Table was an activity that was part of the Lab Flash game from the Luigi's Mansion microsite on Nintendo's North American[1] and European websites. This section of the lab serves as Professor Elvin Gadd's workshop where makes his inventions to catch ghosts. However, the main attraction is for the player to create their own "Luigi's Mansion masterpiece". There is also a photo album laying on the desk with some ghosts enjoying their vacations at different countries far from the mansion.


The Drafting Table contains three activities for the player:

  • By clicking on the monitor, the player can choose from one of four digital Flash postcards, referred to as "Spook-E-Cards", to send to friends and family via email. The available cards each depict Professor E. Gadd, a Boo, Luigi, and a Gold Ghost, respectively.
  • The second activity is accessed by clicking the bin full of rolled-up paper. The player can view and print out templates based on the game, which are intended to be used to assist in coloring.
  • The third activity, a photo album labeled "vacation 2001", shows some of the mansion's ghosts spending time at different places in the world, each accompanied by text expressing different feelings about their experiences outside the mansion. The photos viewable in the album are:

Similar to the other activities in the Lab, after a few moments of inactivity, a Purple Puncher passes by and messes with the text, making it almost unintelligible.