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MadameClairvoyaIcon.pngMadame Clairvoya
Luigi's Mansion
Full Name Madame Clairvoya, the Freaky Fortune-Teller
Age Unknown
Biography Her close connection to the spirit world lets her see nearly 49 days into the future.
Room Fortune Teller's Room
Life 100
Heart Quote Destiny chooses our paths...
“Destiny chooses our paths...”
Madame Clairvoya, Luigi's Mansion

Madame Clairvoya, The Freaky-Fortune Teller (Japanese: マダム・ミエール Madamu Miēru), is a fortune-telling spirit and an ally of Luigi, appearing as one of the portrait ghosts in Luigi's Mansion. Her name is a pun on the word "clairvoyance," referring to extra-sensory perception (ESP), including the ability to see into the future. Madame comes from a part of a common fortuneteller name. Clairvoya has the ability to read fortunes by examining personal belongings. She also owns a crystal ball to help her see events to come. However, according to Professor E. Gadd's Game Boy Horror, the ball lets Clairvoya see only 49 days into the future. Clairvoya's portrait number in Professor E. Gadd's gallery is 7.

Physical appearance[edit]

Madame Clairvoya is a light blue-skinned ghost of unknown age and origins. She wears a purple veil in front of her mouth with the symbol of an eye, supposedly the mark of the seer. She wears a long red colored dress and a violet headscarf that covers her long pale hair. Her jewelry consists of a golden necklace, two ornate earrings and bracelets. Her eyes are yellowish accompanied with purple eyeshadow.


Unlike the rest of the portrait ghosts in the mansion, Madame Clairvoya is the only ghost who acts friendly and helpful towards Luigi, offering him her fortune-telling powers to find out his brother's whereabouts. To do this, Luigi has to find personal items that Mario dropped around the mansion and offer her these clues, and she can immediately get in touch with the spirit world and reveal information about Mario's disappearance. However, each of the five items gives only limited information, so Luigi always has to go looking for new things from Mario.

When she is not talked to, Madame Clairvoya is always seen concentrated on her crystal ball which provides her contact with the spirit world, but occasionally runs out of patience and hits it in an attempt for it to work while analyzing a clue. She sometimes confuses words while dialoguing with others before correcting herself. She is shown to be afraid of Bowser, which is demonstrated the moment she further reveals King Boo's plan to Luigi. As soon she hears of his presence in the mansion, her dialogues changes to a more nervous tone.


Luigi's Mansion[edit]

Madame Clairvoya is located in the Fortune-Teller's Room, but she does not reveal herself unless Luigi shines his flashlight on the crystal ball until it shines. During Luigi's search for his brother Mario, he discovers five objects that Mario lost in the mansion; Mario's Hat, Mario's Glove, Mario's Shoe, Mario's Letter, and Mario's Star.

Luigi brings these items to Madame Clairvoya, who examines them and predicts events that are happening in the mansion. These items do not have to be given in a specific order. Upon examining the items, Madame Clairvoya gives the following readings:

  • First Item: "Ohhh... Harummm... I see that your Mario lives... Well, he is not in the spirit world... but one cannot say he is alive... haackth ha ha hork! (Excuse me, sorry.) Where is he? Where is he now? ...Ah, the spirits fall silent! Uuuh... This is all I can tell you for now! Bring to me another clue and I will show your brother to you. This clue no longer speaks to us..."
  • Second Item: "Oooh...Harummm... Your Mario is imprisoned... but where, oh where is he being held? Yes! A painting! Your Mario has been imprisoned within a painting! My orb shows an odd altar, and...c'mon you stupid orb... Yes! Above it, your Mario! Trapped in a painting! Acch! I cannot concentrate... The spirits are leaving me... If you wish to know more of your Mario, bring more of his dropped items!"
  • Third Item: "Listen! Can you hear it? The inner voice of your sweet, beloved Mario! Oh horrors! What is this? ...A king? ...King Boo?! What is this King Boo?! ...I do not understand just what he means, but... Beware of King Boo! This is what your brother wishes to say to you. Ohhh, yes, a Boo who wears a crown. I see! This is King Boo! ...SO! He is the one who has captured your Mario! Ahhhhh! I can say no more! The spirits leave me even now!"
  • Fourth Item: "Ah-hahhh! I can hear it! Your brother, Mario! He cries out for you! What...? The power of the Boos? You wish to tell us something of their mysterious Boo-power? Ohh... Harummm... The Boos do indeed have strange powers... When they gather in numbers, their power grows stronger! ...But! They do fear your mighty Poltergust 3000! Ugh... I fear that I have only enough power within me to read one more of your brother's dropped items... my strength ebbs away..."
  • Fifth Item: "Ah, the spirits return to me! I see! I see! I see your dear Mario! The scene appears before me......... Wh-what is this!? Bowser?! How can this be?! I see the hideous form of Bowser! Is Bowser somewhere in this mansion? I cannot believe it... And yet I see it... I thought that Mario had soundly defeated Bowser! Has King Boo somehow revived Bowser? This could be horrible! Well, for you....... Uggghh! Ahhh no, the powers leave me! The spirits depart! This is all I can show you, Luigi... That was the last of my power. But I have given words to what the spirits have shown... so I can return to my painting satisfied. Send me there now, you vacuum-wielding rogue! Ahhhhh! Finally, I can return in peace to my painting... Sweet happiness in oils... I thank you... I thank you, kind Luigi!"

Through her readings, Clairvoya predicts the arrival of the evil Bowser (who is actually just King Boo in the final battle using a mechanical - though lifelike - Bowser decoy). After this final prediction, Clairvoya loses her powers of precognition.

Because she is afraid of Bowser and feels her purpose is fulfilled, Madame Clairvoya begs Luigi to return her to her portrait frame. She exposes her heart so Luigi can suck her up and, before he shines his flashlight on her, she giggles at the thought of returning to her "sanctuary" portrait and locks up the doors so Luigi can not go out. All Luigi has to do is turn on the flashlight, shine it on her, turn on his Poltergust 3000, and suck her up. In spite of this, Madame Clairvoya struggles slightly with the capture, though her pull is the weakest of any ghost with a heart, not moving Luigi much at all.


Luigi's Mansion[edit]

Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]



  • " you seek of me?" - Madame Clairvoya
  • "I am Madame Clairvoya, seer of dropped items. Possessions of other people awaken vibrations in my spirit... If you find someone's dropped items, you should bring them to me. I will show you the extent of my vision..." - Madame Clairvoya introducing herself to Luigi
  • "Hm? What is this object you have here? Show it, please, to Madame Clairvoya." - Madame Clairvoya after bringing one of Mario's clues to her
  • "Wh-what is this?" - Madame Clairvoya analyzing the clue
  • "Hm? Just one moment... Did I just say Mario? Could it be... THAT Mario?......Ahhh, I see now. Well, I see everything, so I saw it before, but now I REALLY see it. So you are the brother of the famous Mario... and you have come to this place to find him... Well, aren't you a good little brother! HACK ka ha harf!... Excuse me, I don't laugh much." - Madame Clairvoya upon learning Luigi is truly Mario's brother
  • "Oh-ohh! They come! Now the spirits come!! Come, spirits of power, come spirits of sight! Show to me the awful things occuring here tonight!" - Madame Clairvoya sensing the spirits
  • "Crystal orb, symbol of my clan, use your darkling power to show us all you could! I mean CAN! Show us all you can! Show us this...Mario!" - Madame Clairvoya to her crystal ball

Audio samples[edit]

The following audio clips are from the "Ask Madame Clairvoya" activity from the official Luigi's Mansion website. Her voice actress is currently unknown.

Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "Yeess..." - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 0.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "No...well, maybe." - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 1.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "I am not going to answer that question!" - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 2.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "Next question?" - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 3.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "Perhaps." - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 4.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "Come on! Everyone knows the answer to that one!" - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 5.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "Quite likely." - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 6.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "That doesn't stand a ghost of a chance!" - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 7.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "Sounds good to me." - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 8.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "No...never." - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 9.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "As they say in France, oui oui." - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 10.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "I don't know about that." - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 11.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "Absolutely not." - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 12.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "That is a question." - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 13.oga
Audio.svg Ask Madame Clairvoya - "NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! HEHEHA! I-I MEAN NO! ABSOLUTELY NOT! I AM MADAME CLAIRVOYA! BUT I AM NOT CLAIRVOYANT!!!" - One of Madame Clairvoya's answers
File infoMedia:Madame Clairvoya's Answer 14.oga
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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マダム・ミエール
Madamu Miēru
From mieru (見える, "to be seen")
French Madame Clairvue, La Voyante Bizarre Madame Clearview, the strange fortune teller
German Madame le Caro, Abgedrehte Seherin Madame le Caro, crazy seer
Italian Madame Claravista, la veggente stramba Madame Clearsight, the wacky clairvoyant
Spanish Madame Claravidente, la extraña vidente Madame Claravidente, the Freaky Clairvoyant. Pun on "clarividente" (clairvoyant) and the name Clara


Frame in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
  • Madame Clairvoya's silver frame portrait appears in the Luigi's Mansion battle course in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. The only other non-area boss portrait ghost to have a portrait cameo is Mr. Luggs, whose portrait is also identical to his silver frame.
  • She is the only ghost in the whole game (not restricted to portrait ghosts) to willingly let herself be sucked up by the Poltergust 3000 without putting much of a fight at all, though like all portrait ghosts, she drops a Poison Mushroom after taking a certain amount of damage.
  • She is the only ghost in the game who is an enemy to King Boo and an ally, rather than enemy, to Luigi.
  • Madame Clairvoya, with the Clockwork Soldiers and The Floating Whirlindas, are the only human-esque ghosts that have an unknown age in Luigi's Mansion.
  • According to her bio, Madame Clairvoya can see 49 days into the future. In some cultures, it is believed that when someone dies, it takes 49 days for the spirit to prepare for the afterlife.