Storage Room (Luigi's Mansion)

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Storage Room
Storage Room
Area Area Two
Normal ghosts Purple Puncher; Red Grabbing Ghost
Boo GameBoo

The Storage Room is a room in Area Two of Luigi's Mansion. It contains a bucket, a stack of chairs, and several crates, all located in the eastern half of the room.

When he first enters, Luigi is attacked by a Purple Puncher. After Luigi captures the ghost, the room lights up, though no key appears. Luigi presses two buttons in the room, the first one (directly opposite the mirror) doubles the size of the room, and the second one (hidden behind a Boo poster) opens a hatch that releases 50 Boos and King Boo. After the Boos disappear, Professor E. Gadd gives Luigi a call on his Game Boy Horror and tells him to come back to the lab.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 物置

French Pièce de stockage
Storage room
German Lagerraum
Storage room
Italian Ripostiglio
Spanish El almacén
The depot


Originally, a trail of coins guided the player to the button. It was changed to a mirror late in development to be less manipulative.[1]


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