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Area Area One
Normal Ghosts Gold Ghosts; Purple Punchers
Boo Bootha
Luigi fights a Gold Ghost and Purple Puncher in the Nintendo 3DS remake.

The Anteroom is the second room Luigi explores in Luigi's Mansion. It is located in the first area. The Anteroom resembles a short hallway, and is nearly empty aside from the three cabinets, each having a blue vase, and two chandeliers. This is where Luigi first encounters Purple Punchers. In the blackout, there is a single Purple Puncher and four Gold Ghosts. In the PAL Hidden Mansion, there are three Purple Punchers and a single Blue Twirler.

When Luigi enters the Anteroom for the first time, the doors are blocked with force fields, trapping Luigi inside. He is then attacked by several Gold Ghosts. After sucking up them, a few Purple Punchers attack. When Luigi captures all of the ghosts, the force fields disappear and Luigi is able to proceed into the Wardrobe Room.

Ghosts in the Anteroom[edit]

  • Four Gold Ghosts (10 HP each)
  • Two Purple Punchers (20 HP each)

Ghosts in The Anteroom in the PAL Hidden Mansion[edit]

  • Three Purple Punchers (20 HP each)
  • One Blue Twirler (30 HP)
  • Six Blue Mice
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Ghosts in The Anteroom during the Blackout[edit]

  • One Purple Puncher (20 HP each)
  • Four Gold Ghosts (10 HP each)

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 控え室
Waiting Room
Spanish La antesala The anteroom
French Antichambre Antechamber
German Vorzimmer Antechamber
Italian Anticamera Antechamber