Guest Room

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Guest Room
LM Guest Room.png
Area Area Four
Portrait ghosts Sue Pea
Boo Boonita
The Guest Room upside-down

The Guest Room is a room found in Area Four of Luigi's Mansion. When Luigi first enters the Guest Room, the entire room is upside down. After he fights and captures Sue Pea, he exits the room and hears rumbling. When Luigi re-enters the room, it is the right way up and he can claim the treasure chest that was on the "ceiling".


The Guest Room contains quite a few objects of note. First, there is a vanity on the west wall that serves as a warp to the Foyer. The bed takes up much of the eastern half of the room, and there is a nightstand beside it. Behind the bed is a plant that can be watered for a Blue Jewel. The room has a picture of a cat, along with a picture of two puppies.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 来客用寝室
Raikyaku-yō shinshitsu
Guest Bedroom

French Chambre d'hôte
Guest Room
German Gästezimmer
Guest room
Italian Stanza degli ospiti
Guest room
Spanish El cuarto de invitados
The Guest Room
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