Conservatory (Luigi's Mansion)

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Area Area Two
Portrait ghosts Melody Pianissima
Boo Boomeo
The Conservatory in the Nintendo 3DS remake
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The Conservatory is a room cleared in Area Two of Luigi's Mansion.

After procuring the Key from Shivers in the Butler's Room, Luigi gains access to the Conservatory, where he finds many instruments. Checking each one will play the Super Mario Bros. theme until all the instruments sound together in perfect harmony. Once all the instruments have been checked, Melody Pianissima appears at her piano, where she asks Luigi one of two trivia questions. When he answers correctly, Melody will send music sheets to attack him. When they are sucked up in the Poltergust 3000, Melody exposes her heart. After Luigi captures Melody, the lights turn on and the Key to the Dining Room appears.

The Conservatory is a music room which houses a variety of musical instruments. The instruments consist of the following: a saxophone, a harp, a cello, three kettle drums, a xylophone, and a grand piano. All but the grand piano can be activated, causing a tune to be played.

Ghosts in The Conservatory during the blackout[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 音楽室
Music Room
French Conservatoire Conservatory
German Muzikzimmer Music Room
Italian Sala musica Music Room
Spanish La sala de música


  • In earlier builds of the game, there were also a saxophone and a French horn hanging on the wall.