List of Boos in Luigi's Mansion

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PeekaBoo in the game Luigi's Mansion.
PeekaBoo, one of the Boos in Luigi's Mansion.

In Luigi's Mansion, Luigi releases fifty Boos (fifty-one including King Boo). He must then catch each one throughout the game. Thirty-five of the fifty regular Boos are named and each one always starts out in a particular room (the other fifteen are smaller ones that form together to make Boolossus). Once Luigi uncovers a Boo, he must drain all of its HP with the Poltergust 3000 to capture it; however, there is a chance Luigi can uncover a Boo Ball or bomb instead. Boos are capable of fleeing to other rooms, forcing Luigi to chase them down. If a Boo escapes into a dark room or hallway, their HP takes longer to deplete. Some Boos tackle Luigi when threatened, while others do not. Luigi can still take damage from these on contact, however.

Luigi needs to catch 5 Boos to unlock the washroom on the first floor, 20 of them need to be captured to access the balcony on the third floor and battle Boolossus, and 40 of them need to be captured to fight King Boo (45 in the PAL Hidden Mansion). If Luigi manages to vacuum up all 50 Boos, the last one drops a Gold Diamond.

The following chart shows each Boo, its amount of HP, whether or not it has the ability to attack, the room it starts out in, the different hiding places in that room and the object or saying that the said Boo is based on. Note that if the game is turned off before any particular Boo is caught, it returns to the room it started in with all its HP restored.

Area 1

English name HP PAL Hidden Mansion HP Attacks? Found Hiding places Name origin Japanese name
"I am BamBoo, if you please." / "Wham! Bam! Boo!" / "I'll slamboo you!" / "Stay away from me!"
30 150 No Parlor China Cabinet, Portrait, Bookcase, Coffee Table, Corner Table Bamboo テレン
"Looking for me? Bootha!" / "You mistake me, sir." / "I don't even know you!" / "Don't you ride my bus?"
50 60 No Anteroom Vase Table x3 The name "Bertha" テレッタ
GameBoo Advance
"Wanna play GameBoo Advance?" / "I rule!" / "Advanced!" / "Game to go!"
30 40 Yes Wardrobe Room Wardrobe Closet x3, Shoe Stand Game Boy Advance テレポポ
"Speak not my name: TaBoo!" / "Hush your mouth!" / "Keep quiet!" / "Shut up, SHUT UP!"
50 60 Yes Study Hat Rack, Desk, Easy Chair, Ship-in-a-Bottle Taboo テレジー
"I am the yummy Boolicious!" / "Fries with that?" / "Side order of fear?" / "Time to snack out!"
30 40 Yes Master Bedroom Nightstand, Bed, Dresser, Vanity Delicious テレボ
"I am TurBoo, and off I go!" / "Start your engines!" / "Checkered flag!" / "I need a pit stop!"
50 30 No Nursery Dresser, Table, Chair x2, Picture, Crib Turbo テレタロー

Area 2

English name HP PAL Hidden Mansion HP Attacks? Found Hiding places Name origin Japanese name
Boo La La
"Allo! I am Boo La La!" / "I fine!" / "Tres belle, moi!" / "You may admire me."
60 80 Yes Ball Room Portrait, Chair x4 The phrase "Ooh la la" テレシチ
"Just call me GameBoo!" / "I'm everywhere!" / "I can't be stopped!" / "I'll always be here!"
50 60 Yes Storage Room Crate x7 Game Boy テレジュ
Kung Boo
"Fear the wrath of Kung Boo!" (GameCube) / "Feel the wrath of Kung Boo!" (3DS) / "Wanna fight?" / "I am the master!" / "No pain no gain!"
40 50 No Mirror Room Candelabra x2, Torch, Drawer, Portrait Kung fu テレスリー
"Yow! Get down! I'm Boogie!" / "Do the Boo!" / "Check these moves!" / "Yeah! I'm feeling it!"
40 50 Yes Laundry Room Bucket, Supply Cabinet, Basket, Washing Machine Boogie テレフォー
"You found me, PeekaBoo!" / "You found me again!" / "Nyuk yuk! Not again!" / "I love this game!"
40 100 No Butler's Room Tool Cabinet, Ironing Board, Bucket, Table Peekaboo テレビン
"It is my own self, GumBoo!" (GameCube) / "It's my own self, GumBoo!" (3DS) / "I fancy I'm #1!" / "Hoowee! Yer cookin'!" / "I'm a ragin' cajun!"
40 50 Yes Hidden Room Treasure Chest x5 Gumbo テレワン
"Wherefore am I Boomeo?" / "How to flee from thee?" / "I flee thusly!" / "And I flee thatly!"
40 50 No Conservatory Saxophone, Harp, Bass, Xylophone, Kettle Drum x3, Piano, Cabinet Romeo from Romeo and Juliet テレリン
"Name's Boodacious, got it?" (GameCube) / "Name's Boodacious! Got it?" (3DS) / "I'm cool like that!" / "Man, I'm saucy!" / "Better recognize!"
80 150 No Dining Room China Cabinet x2, Chair x3, Plate x5 Bodacious テレロ
Booligan (GameCube) / Boolldog (3DS)
"Boy howdy, I'm Booligan!" (GameCube) / "Boy howdy, I'm Boolldog!" (3DS) / "Most Wanted Boo!" / "Reckon I'm rowdy..." / "Let's get crazy!"
80 100 No Kitchen Cabinet, Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Table Hooligan / Bulldog テレゴ

Area 3

English name HP PAL Hidden Mansion HP Attacks? Found Hiding places Name origin Japanese name
"It is I, fair Booregard!" / "Stop looking at me!" / "I said STOP it!" / "Doooooooon't!"
100 100 Yes Rec Room Stationary Bicycle x2, Chest, Barbells The name "Beauregard" テレテル
Mr. Boojangles
"Jingle, jangle, Mr. Boojangles!" / "What did I do?" / "What's with you?" / "Chill out!"
50 60 No Tea Room China Cabinet x2, Chair x8, Ice Bucket, Box "Mr. Bojangles" テレプス
"Stinky, stinky LimBooger!" (GameCube) / "Stinky, stinky, LimBooger!" (3DS) / "Gross! What reeks?" / "Nobody loves me!" / "Is that me?"
100 100 Yes Nana's Room Spinning Wheel, Coffee Table, Tall Cabinet, Sewing Machine Limburger テレヨ
"I'm Boonswoggle! Plooah!" / "Neener nyah nyah!" / "Oogidy Boogidy!" / "Wackity narf narf!"
100 80 No Astral Hall Cabinet x2, Candelabra x5 The word "Hornswoggle" テレシャ
"Snifff...I'm...Boohoo!" / "Why even bother..." / "I'm doomed..." / "I have no chance..."
50 80 No Billiards Room Dartboard, Desk x3 Boo-hoo テレッパ
"Fresh, clean... ShamBoo!" / "You stink!" / "Ick, dirty man!" / "You disgust me!"
50 200 Yes Projection Room Projector, Speaker x2, Film Cabinet Shampoo テレク
"Call me Booris. Und be avraid!" / "Go avay! Bleah!" / "Vere can I run?" / "I vant outta here!"
100 100 No The Twins' Room Chest, Desk, Chair x2, Dartboard The given name "Boris"; probably a reference to Boris Karloff テレミオ
"Hi, I'm Luigi! I mean, Booigi!" / "I'm brother #2!" / "Wah, wah, Mario!" / "Not easy being green!"
40 50 Yes Fortune-teller's Room Corner Table x2, Large Chair, Crystal Ball Table Luigi テレッツ
Little Boo Peep
"Little Boo Peep lost sheep!" / "I'm baaaad!" / "Here, sheepy!" / "Stupid sheep!"
100 100 No Safari Room Shelf x2, Chair "Little Bo Peep" テレロペ

Area 4

English name HP PAL Hidden Mansion HP Attacks? Found Hiding places Name origin Japanese name
Boo B. Hatch
"I'm Boo B. Hatch, I'm nuts!" / "Crazy Boo walkin'!" / "Boonatic over here!" / "I've lost it!"
200 100 Yes Breaker Room Desk, Oil Drum x2, Barrel x11 Booby hatch テレーヌ
"It is I, fair Booripedes." / "You're a tragedy." / "Quoth me: go away!" / "Oh, it is to weep!"
100 150 No Cellar Shelf x2 (Tier x4 each), Barrel x2 Euripides, classical Greek tragedian. テレーゾ
"Boomerang, coming at you!" / "Coming back at you!" / "I return!" / "I'm dizzy!"
300 200 Yes Telephone Room Cupboard x2, Coffee Table, Wooden Chests x3 Boomerang テレワーザ
"Time for the six o' clock Boos!" / "Boo! Story at ten!" / "Oh, the Boomanity!" / "Forecast: Boo-ugly."
300 50 No Clockwork Room Chair x3, Table x2, Shelf x2, Puppet x2 Newscaster テレミー
"I am Boolivia! I hate you!" / "Pesky plumber!" / "Back for more?" / "I'm irresistible!"
100 200 Yes Sitting Room Couch, Chair, Table, Vase Table Olivia テレスン
"I am the lovely Boonita!" / "Sweet on me, Green?" / "The thrill of the chase!" / "Come get me already!"
100 100 No Guest Room Vanity, Bed, Picture, Nightstand Bonita (Spanish or Portuguese for "pretty") テレピコ
"UnderBoo's makin' a comeback!" / "I'll ride up on ya!" / "I'm creepin'..." / "I'm behind you!"
150 200 Yes Armory Armor x5, Wooden Box x3 Underdog and underwear テレベー
"Who's shaking TamBoorine?" / "I'll jingle YOU!" / "Your head'll ring..." / "I'm with the band!"
200 150 Yes Ceramics Studio Jar x7 Tambourine テレチュル
"I'm Booffant: nice hair, green." / "Who's your stylist?" / "Try washing that mop!" / "Do you own a comb?"
300 300 No Pipe Room Bucket, Crate, Oil Drum Bouffant テレブー
"Catch me? Boolderdash!" / "Poppycock!" / "What rot!" / "Tripe!"
150 300 No Cold Storage Oil Drum x2, Crate x2, Shelf x2 Balderdash テレケーロ
"Bootique, c'est chic!" / "Who dresses you?" / "That is so your color!" / "Every boo on sale!"
300 200 No The Artist's Studio Stool, Shelves Boutique テレット


  • The Boos with 300 HP have the second highest HP in the game of any ghost, the next highest being King Boo.
  • In the Japanese version, Kung Boo, Boogie, GumBoo, Booligan, Booigi, Booffant, and Boolossus return in the sequel, Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon; in English versions, they are respectively renamed ComBooter, Boofoon, Boogie Woogie, Boolldog, MamBoo, Boo Boo and "Big Boo" for their reappearance.
  • Booscaster is the only Boo out of the 35 named Boos that does not mention his name upon being found. However, the player can find out his name by letting him disappear, then finding him again, as his name will appear in his next speech blurb.