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This is a list of quotes from the game Luigi's Mansion.

Biff Atlas[edit]

  • "Look at this buffness! I'm huge! How'd you like to be my punching bag, weakling?"

Boos and Boolossus[edit]

  • "Who's there? Who dares disturb our sleep?"
  • "Oh ho! It's Luigi! Look, guys! Luigi's finally here!"
  • "We're gonna do to you what we did to your brother...only worse."
  • "That scaredy-cat Luigi has made it this far...Oh, we're so frightened!"


  • "Oi! You! With the moustache! Yeah, you!"
  • "Whadda ya think o' me jar collection, then? Pretty amazing, don't you say?"
  • "Welly, welly, well. We can't just let you look at 'em for free, now can we? No, I think not. If you'd like to view me jars, you'd best challenge me first!"
  • "It's on, then!"
  • "See how many o' me you can freeze with that Ice, boyo!"
  • "If you freeze seven o' me, then you win! Righty-right?"
  • "But if you lose, mate, it's out the door with you!"
  • "Righto! Bring it on!"
  • "Game's over, mate!"
  • "And the results are..."
  • "You got seven o' me, boyo!"
  • "I can't believe it... How could I lose?"
  • "You made me face red for sure, moustache-boy! Maybe you'd fancy gettin' stuffed into one o' these here jars!"
  • "Filthy annoying plumber. Go back to yer pipes!"
  • "Here I come, then..."
  • "If you wants to see me jars, let's 'ave it on, then!"
  • "Yuk yuk! I win again! Ta, mate!"

King Boo[edit]

  • "What's that he's got on his back!? It's E. Gadd's Poltergust 3000! Everybody scram!"
  • "I don't plan to give up my favorite decoration. I like Mario where he is."
  • "Aahh, I could just stare at my Mario painting for hours!"
  • "It's true what they say about fine art... it takes utterly refined sensibilities to truly appreciate it!"
  • "The way you plead for help, Mario... I find it so... satisfying. Perhaps that is merely because I remember how much trouble you've caused me in the past."
  • "... Seriously, though, who would actually believe that mansions get given away in contests?! Talk about stupid!"
  • "What do they feed you Mario brothers anyway, gullible soup?"
  • "Your brother came all this way just to get turned into a painting... It's just terrific. However... This Mario painting looks lonely... I must have a Luigi painting as well! Then my gallery will truly be complete! Bleah HA HA!"
  • "I'm not afraid of you, fool! I fear only that infernal Poltergust 3000 you carry on your back! Stupid machine!"
  • "But I am a KING among Boos! I swear it, I shall fear no mere house-cleaning device!"
  • "I must say... I despise the way you SHWEEERRPP-SHLOOOOP-WHOOORPP-SHLEEEOOORG-vacuumed up all my friends!"
  • "Don't imagine that I'll flee... I'll fight you like a true Boo! Now join your brother... inside the painting!"


  • "Hello?"
  • "MARIO!/MARIOOO?/Mario?/M-M-M-M-Mario?" (How Luigi calls Mario depends on his current health, as he becomes more and more scared as he loses energy)
  • "Way to go, genius. Got the hang of that thing yet?"
  • "What a dreadful picture... But that candle next to it might be important..."
  • "I'm willing to bet there's something cold in here."
  • "I always preferred the bottom bunk..."
  • "Well, at least we won't have a shortage of toilet paper..."
  • "Now that's just not my style."
  • "You know... I never noticed how cute those red polka dots look on top!"
  • "It's a picture...but I wouldn't call it art."
  • "Simply delightful..."
  • "This looks quite old... I wonder how much it would sell for."
  • "Looks ordinary... A little TOO ordinary."
  • "I wonder why only this one's frozen..."
  • "I bet I'd look pretty tough wearing one of these..."
  • "One really shouldn't open this kind of thing without asking..."
  • "Nothing unusual here... Boring!"
  • "I don't think I can reach that directly..."
  • "Boy, those Boos sure did make a realistic fake mansion..."
  • "Now that I look at it-- it's full of moth holes! Yecch!"
  • "So much dust! This will never pass the white-glove test!"
  • "Well, they sure did pile odds and ends everywhere... Filthy."
  • "I should probably give that a quick vacuuming..."
  • "Oh, what's this?! Just how I like it... Nice and clean!"
  • "That would be a good spot to hide some savings..."
  • "Well, I sure can't read that from here..."
  • "I wonder how old this is..."
  • "Do Boos wash their faces?"
  • "I've been wanting one of these for quite a while..."
  • "Oh, wow... I've always wanted one of these!"
  • "What kind of picture is this?"
  • "I'm quite taken with this..."
  • "I really have no use for this..."
  • "Not particularly interesting..."
  • "Hmmm... Weird..."
  • "Awww, poor thing..."
  • "How could anyone treat an animal that way? I won't stand for it!!"
  • "Oh, what's this?! This would sure fetch a pretty penny..."
  • "Looks like something might be in there..."
  • "Now, that's a classic. I wonder how much it would sell for."
  • "If you look closely, you can tell it's really just a photograph!"
  • "This looks like it might break if I sit on it..."
  • "Man, I'm tired... That bed sure looks comfy."
  • "I could just curl up there and sleep until dawn..."
  • "Now who is this supposed to be?"
  • "Was someone trying to show off or what?"
  • "What's this?! Looks fancy!"
  • "WAHAHA! Who designed this?!"
  • "There's something fishy here..."
  • "I really should work out more. Maybe I ought to throw a few quick jabs while I'm here..."
  • "I'm not so interested in bikes..."
  • "I've always been a good runner..."
  • "I don't care much for pointy objects..."
  • "It looks old, but I bet it still has a nice tone..."
  • "Hmm. Should I play it?"
  • "I never could play the piano..."
  • "Looks like a fun place to make shadow puppets..."
  • "Looks like this hasn't gotten much use of late..."
  • "What's this, an antique?"
  • "It's a unicorn statue. The horn looks very cool..."
  • "Wouldn't it be nice if I could raise carrier pigeons here?"
  • "What in the world is this?"
  • "This is the kind of thing I would put in the bathroom..."
  • "Fabulous!"
  • "Exquisite..."


  • "Get me outta here!"
  • "Hey, Luigi! What's the hold-up?"
  • "Yoo-hoo!"

Melody Pianissima[edit]

  • "My name is Melody. People call me the spectral beauty of the ivory keys!"

Professor E. Gadd[edit]

  • "I'm getting too old for this ghost-catching tomfoolery."
  • "Anyway, nice to meet you. I'm Professor E. Gadd."
  • "I swear, this house seems to have more and more ghosts every day!"
  • "Alright, youngster! Look lively! Follow me, posthaste!"
  • "So your name's Luigi? I think our paths were destined to cross. Well met, Luigi."
  • "If I told anyone else, they'd have me committed."'
  • "So you won this mansion in a contest you didn't even enter? Sounds pretty fishy to me... So you really believe the mansion exists then. Well, I've been living here ever since I was a lad of twenty or so, and I'll tell you... That mansion appeared here just a few days ago! The spirits have fooled you! I don't know if it was a dream or an illusion or whatnot, but I surely wouldn't be too happy winning a haunted house. Now that I get a good look at you, I just remembered a guy with a red hat like yours walked up to the mansion without stopping to chat and he never returned. Was he a dream too? What? That guy was your brother?! That's horrible! He would never stand a chance against those ghosts without my help! You have to go after him!"
  • "Outstanding work! You're like a leopard on the hunt!"
  • "You stalk Boos like a master! Hail the fearless Boo hunter!"
  • "Did you see that Boo just give up at the end, Luigi? Your reputation is spreading!"
  • "Well done, Luigi my boy! This time I have a special bit of information for you! Hey, since you're cleaning the place up anyway, it wouldn't hurt to help out the plants in the mansion. You know what plants like, don't you?"
  • "Well done, Luigi my boy! This time I have a special bit of information for you! Ghosts other than Boos will not appear in the direction you're looking, so you'll have to sneak up on 'em backward... but I bet you knew that already, heh!"
  • "Well done, Luigi my boy! This time I have a special bit of information for you! You've seen some small ghosts other than the Boos, haven't you? Well, I'm pretty sure they're ghosts freed from the paintings of the ghost artist, Van Gore. I had a passel of trouble the first time I captured him... I know that artists strive to give life to their canvasses, but this guy brought ghosts to life every time he picked up a brush!"
  • "The tiger creeps up behind its prey... and strikes like lightning!"
  • "Tip-top, Luigi! You remind me of myself at your age..."
  • "Ho! You're on FIRE, Luigi! ON FIRE!"
  • "You give those Boos what-for, Luigi!"
  • "Unbelievable! There's no stopping you, Luigi!"
  • "You're busting out all kinds of wild techniques today, Luigi!"
  • "Heh heh. Well done, Luigi!"
  • "Fantastic! Way to go, Luigi!"
  • "Tonight I’ll make an old family recipe. Pickled dandelions with barnacles in a diesel marinade!"

Sir Weston[edit]

  • "HOT! OH VERY HOT! You! You're making it too HOT!"
  • "I'm going to cook in this heat! I'm going to melt!"
  • "Did YOU light these fires? What were you thinking?"
  • "People who start fires in this mansion had better be ready to pay the price!!!"
  • "Now learn your lesson!!"

Sue Pea[edit]



  • "Boo hoo hoo! Where did you go Mario? Waaaaaah! Wah!"
  • "Wah...Wow! It's Luigi! You finally made it! Oh, joy! Thank goodness! Me? Well, Princess Peach asked me to come here to look for Mario. He left when he heard that you'd won a mansion, and he never returned! Th...then when I arrived here, the mansion was full of ghosts and I didn't see Mario anywhere, and I kind of freaked out a little, and I didn't know what to do!! It's been awful! Please, please, please, you HAVE to help me find Mario! If he doesn't get back, you have no idea how upset the princess will be! She'll flip!"
  • "I wish I could do something to help you.. Wait! I've got it!"

Vincent Van Gore[edit]

  • "Eet eez you, no? You interfere with my afterlife's work!"
  • "You filthy swine! You're blind to zee life I give my creations!"
  • "Zen very well... I will show you zee mastery of my art!"
  • "My... my creations!!"
  • "But even if I disappear, my work will live on..."
  • "Zat eez right, n'est-ce pas? Art eez eternal!"
  • "Honh?"
  • "You say zat only one of my creations eez left?"
  • "But zees cannot be!"
  • "Zut alors!"