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This is a list of quotes from the game Mario Party; listed alphabetically by character. Yoshi and Donkey Kong are not included in the lineup, since they lack intelligible speech.

Baby Bowser[edit]


  • "Wah, hah, hah! I am the great Bowser's Cohort, Baby Bowser! And I'm gonna give you trouble! Let's see, what's next?"
  • "Ah! We must determine turn order!"
  • "Stop the roulette with A Button. The biggest number goes first!"
  • "The order has been decided! 1st is (player 1). 2nd is (player 2). 3rd is (player 3). 4th is (player 4)."
  • "That will be the order of turns."
  • "Last, is a present from Bowser. Well, Good Luck. You'll need it!"
  • "The Last Battle has begun. Whoever gets all the Stars back is the Eternal Star! But, that's impossible! Hah, Hah, Hah!"

Star Space[edit]

  • "The Baby Bowsers have been placed! Each of the 7 Baby Bowsers has a Star!"
  • "If you want a Star, you must defeat the Baby Bowsers! Well, Good Luck."
  • "Oh! You have what it takes to get a Star! What'll ya do? You want to bet one Star?"
    • "Well then, it's a battle. The person who gets the biggest number wins." (Bet)
    • "Gutless whimp! Get lost!" (Don't)
  • "You look pretty weak, so you get a block with only 8, 9 and 10 on it!"
  • "if you don't win now, you'll be totally ashamed! Well, here we go! Hah, hah, Hah!"
    • "Augh! I LOST! Oh, Bowser, I'm sorry! I couldn't save the Star." (if the player wins)
    • "Hah! Hah! I WON! Since I won, I get your Star! Hah!" (if the player loses and has at least one star)
    • "Hah! Hah! I WON! I WON! I WON! I WON! No Star for you-ooo!" (if the player loses and has no stars)
  • "Ha, ha. That's funny. You don't have what it takes to get a Star. Save up 20 Coins and come back again. Hah! Too bad!" (Not enough coins)
  • "Wow, you guys are pretty tough! Dang! Next, these 7 will be your rivals!" (if all 7 Baby Bowsers have been defeated)
  • "Chins up! Try your best because Baby Bowsers are the toughest!"

Black Bob-omb[edit]

  • "Attack orders! Load the cannon! Load it! Load it!" (this quote is shared with Red Bob-omb in Wario's Battle Canyon)
  • "Don't be unprepared! Change targets! Move the Cannon!"


  • "Boooo! I'll steal Stars or Coins for you. The cost is 50 Coins to steal Stars, but stealing Coins is absolutely free! What do you want to do?"
    • "From whom?" (Steal Coins/Stars)
    • "Don't feel so guilty. Heh, heh, heh!" (Don't do anything)
  • "Okay! Here I go!"


Mushroom Bank[edit]

  • "I've got all your stars! If you want them back, come to the Warp Pipe."


Bowser encounter[edit]

  • "You're looking for treasure? Then let me give you this..." (DK's Jungle Adventure)
  • "This is a mystical secret! The Gold-plated Bowser Statue! I'll give you this for just 10 Coins!"
  • "By the way, the Bowser Statue won't do a thing. Ah, hah, Hah, HAH, HAH!"
  • "Oh! You don't have any Coins! Well, I've got nothing to say to you! I'm outta here!"
  • "So, you like sweets, huh? What a coincidence, I do too! Here, take this..." (Peach's Birthday Cake)
  • "I woke up early just to make it. This is a Bowser Cake! Don't refuse..., eat it! Great! That'll be 20 Coins!"
  • "By the way, you can't eat this cake. I hope you understand. Wah, Hah, HAH!"
  • "...but you don't have enough Coins. Oh, well, I'll just take them all! See ya! Wah, hah, hah, HAH!"
  • "Oh, but you don't have any Coins, do you? Then I'm outta here!"
  • "You're going to help the Yoshi in the middle, right? Here, take this." (Yoshi's Tropical Island)
  • "This is a mystical item, the Bowser Tube. You can use this!"
  • "What happened? It broke? It must've been the wrong size. ...Have you gotten fatter? Well, that'll be 30 Coins!"
  • "Oh! You don't have enough Coins! Oh well, I'll just take them all! See ya! Wah, hah, Hah, HAH!"
  • "Oh! But you haven't got a single Coin! I'm outta here!"
  • "Now hear this! Wow! You get to ride in that cool Ultra Bowser Cannon! All right! You're incredibly lucky!" (Wario's Battle Canyon)
  • "Ride at our special 20 Coin rate. You've got to try it! "Absolutely" you say? Ok! I'll take those Coins!"
  • "You only have (number) Coins, so we'll let you ride for just that much. Oh! I see the joy in your eyes! Ok! I'll take those Coins!"
  • "Oh! But you have no Coins! Well, not to worry, as a favor, I'll let you do it free! I'm a nice Bowser today, aren't I?"
  • "Okay, look behind you until I get everything ready."
  • "Why am I doing this you ask? Because I want to SURPRISE you! I'm almost ready..., Here we go! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..."
  • "Bowser Cannon Blast Off! I've no idea where you're going!"
  • "I am Bowser, King of Invention! Let me show you my invention. With this Mecha, you can make as many Coins as you want. OH! What a name!" (Luigi's Engine Room)
  • "Make as many Coins as you want, Mecha. Isn't that a great name? Now then, I'm going to make a Coin for you. You are so very lucky!"
  • "YES! IT WORKS! This Coin is for you! Congratulations!"
  • "Now then, that comes to... 20 Coins! Ah, hah, Hah, HAH, HAH!"
  • "I am Bowser, King of Invention! Let me show you my invention. But no..., I'm not in the mood."
  • "I know! I'll take (number) Coins from you! That'll put me in a good mood!"
  • "Why, you don't even have 1 Coin! Good! I'll use this oppoturnity to give you a Coin!"
  • "But no..., It's just too much trouble. I'm going home to go to bed. See ya!"
  • "It must've been hard to come so far. Only to lose..., but it's my loss. I must give you this shining Star!" (Mario's Rainbow Castle)
  • "What? You say my Star is fake? That's not true! It's a real Star! It'll cost you 40 Coins. All right, see ya!"
  • "But... you don't have any Coins. If I can't pick on you, Get Lost!"
  • "It must've been hard to come so far. Let me give you this shining Star!"
  • "But you don't have enough Coins! Oh well, I'll take them all. All right, see ya!"
  • "You've come all the way here. You've made it to my place. That's no easy task!" (Bowser's Magma Mountain)
  • "What shall I steal? Coins? Or shall it be Stars? Choose your fate!"
  • "What? You don't have any Coins! Then, I'll just take a Star! Ah, hah, Hah, HAH, HAH!"
  • "But you don't have any Stars. Then I'll just take (number) Coins! Ah, hah, Hah, HAH, HAH!" (if the player does not have Stars, but has at least 1 coin)
  • "WHAT? You don't have anything! Well if I can't pick on you, then Get Lost!"
  • "It's the Roulette of Fate! If you press A Button it'll stop."
    • "Looks like it's Coins! Well, that'll be (number) Coins!" (Coin)
    • "Looks like it's Stars! Well then, I'll take it!" (Star)
  • "Well, see ya! Wah, HAH! Ah, Hah, HAH! Ah, Hah, HAH, HAH, HAH!"
  • "Hmph! Long time no see! I am Bowser, back from the fire! I come bearing no grudges." (Eternal Star)
  • "I have scattered all those precious Stars you've collected..., Wah, hah, Hah, HAH, HAH!"
  • "If you want to put this big Star back together again, you'd better try and get back all of your stolen Stars!"
  • "But to get around this broken Star, you must use Warp Machines that I made! There's no other way! Can you figure out the Warp Pattern?"
  • "And you won't even find Toad here! To get a Star, you must defeat my Cohorts! Be very AFRAID! Come, my Cohort!"
  • "Isn't he frightening? This is my Cohort, Baby Bowser! OK, Cohort, the rest, I leave to you."
  • "You stepped on a ? Space! I'm sending all you bums back to Start!"
  • "Amazing! You made it all this way! Oh, I praise you from my soul! You really are one lucky chap!"
  • "Lucky because I, Bowser..., ...will steal a Star/(number) Coins from you! AH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH!"
  • "See ya later! You can go back to Start!"
  • "Amazing! You made it all this way! Huh? Oh! But you don't have any Coins! You're a wretch!"
  • "You can go back to Start and do it all over again! AH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH! HAH!"
  • "Hah! You wretch! I've change the direction of all the Warp Machines!"
  • "The next course is Warp Course 1/Warp Course 2/Warp Course 3. Good Luck! Ah, Hah, Hah!"

Hidden Block[edit]

  • "Ah hah, hah, HAH! You called, so I have come! My fee for coming so quickly is 20 Coins! Thank you!"
  • "But you don't have 20 Coins, then I'll just take them all!" (if the player has 19 coins or less)
  • "But you don't any Coins! Poor thing..., here, take 1 Coin." (if the player has no coins)
  • "Now, I must be going! I am quite busy, you know!"

Bowser Space[edit]

  • "Wah, hah, HAH!"
  • "Welcome to the Bowser Space! We've plenty of fun events!"
  • "Welcome to the Bowser Space! Huh? You've got no Coins!"
  • "I guess I can't take any of these then. Well, I'll just trade 10 Coins for your Star."
  • "Welcome to the Bowser Space, but you've got no Coins or stars."
  • "Well, I can't do anything to you. Oh well, it can't be helped. Here's 20 Coins."
  • "Now then, choose your event by roulette!"
  • "Coins for Bowser it is! In this FUN event, you give me your Coins!"
  • "Ooh, I'm so excited! That'll be (number) Coins. Wah, hah, hah, HAH!"
  • "It's Bash 'n' Cash. Play a Mini-Game in this fun event."
    • "What terrible people! They stole (number) Coins!" (Bash 'n' Cash)
    • "Now you know what if feels like to be me. What a great experience!"
    • "Whoa! Amazing! You didn't even get 1 Coin stolen! Well, that means I get to have 15 Coins!"
  • "It's Bowser Balloon Burst! Play a Mini-Game in this fun event."
  • "It's Bowser's Tug 'o' War! Everyone plays a Mini-Game in this fun event!"
  • "It's Face Lift! Everyone plays a Mini-Game in this fun event."
  • "But the rules are a little different than usual."
  • "Everyone who loses, loses (number) Coins! Well, here we go!"
  • "It's 1 on 3, and losers lose (number) Coins. Well, let's go!"
  • "If you don't get at least 90 Points in Face Lift, you lose (number) Coins!"
  • "Now for the results."
    • "Oh my! Only (player) loses (number) Coins! I'll take those!"
    • "(Player 1) and (player 2) both lose (number) Coins! I'll take those!"
    • "(Player 1) and (player 2) and also (player 3) lose (number) Coins!"
    • "It's a tie, so everybody loses (number) Coins!"
    • "What? Everybody wins? Well, I don't like you, so I'll just take (number) Coins!"
    • "In the end, you lose (number) Coins!"
    • "Those other three each lose (number) Coins!"
  • "Why, it's a Bowser Revolution!"
  • "I am not always thinking about Coins of all things. We all should be friends."
  • "So, to make the world a more peaceful place, I've decided to divide everyone's Coins evenly! It really is a Bowser Revolution."
  • "Here we go! Bowser Revolution!"
  • "The revolution has ended!"
  • "It's Chance Time! This is the same lucky event you can do on the ! Space. Okay, here we go!"
  • "Welcome to the Lucky Event! Aim for a reversal of fortune, and good luck!"
  • "I've stopped one especially for you. Your chance are doubled! Now then, go ahead!"
  • "Oh, we've got the results! Why, (player)'s (number) Coins become MY Coins!"
  • "What? You don't have enough! Well, I'll have to get by with what you've got. Be thankful!"
  • "Well, see ya! Do come back! Wah, hah, hah, HAH!"
  • "Well, see ya! I'll be waiting for you! Wah, hah, hah, HAH!"

Fly Guy[edit]

  • "Hello. I'm the Fly Guy. What do you want me to do?"
    • "Okay Get Ready[sic]!" (Take me to Bowser)
    • "Who do you want me to bring?" (Bring Somebody Here)
    • "Oh, really? Ok, see you later." (Nothing)
  • "Okay. Just a second."

Fun Gus[edit]

  • "I can erase all saved data."
  • "What do want from me?"
  • "Are you sure about this?" (after responding "Erase Saved Data")
  • "To press the Erase Data Button press START Button. Press B Button to cancel." (after responding "Erase all my Saved Data")
  • "This is the Talking Parrot. It can mimic many characters' voices."
  • "When you press A Button, the parrot will mimic diffirent characters' voices."
  • "This is the Sound Lever. It can be set to Stereo or Mono."
  • "This is our Juke Box. Choose any song you like and give it a spin."
  • "Do you want to listen to the Juke Box?"
  • "Leave the Option House."


? Space[edit]

  • "Ooh! You've got 30 Coins. Well, do you want to a plant a Strawberry Seed decoration?"
    • "Isn't it a pretty flower?" (Yes)
    • "See ya! Ciao!" (No)
  • "This flower will steal a Star from whoever lands on this space."

Flower Lottery[edit]

  • "Which way will you go? The Flower Lottery chooses for you! First, I'll take the 10 Coins fee."
  • "Oh, but you don't have enough. Tell you what, I'll overlook that. I'll just take (number) Coins."
  • "Oh! You don't have any Coins at all! Well, you get a special offer...This time, I'll let you do it free!"
  • "Now, pick one of these seeds. Only 1 is a winner!"
  • "And what did you get? Let's take a look!"
    • "It's a winner! Great. Great! GREAT! You get to go see Bowser! You're so lucky! Congratulations!"
    • "'s a loser! Too bad. Too Bad! TOO BAD! You have to go see Toad. That's really too bad!"

Koopa Troopa[edit]

Party Mode[edit]


  • "Welcome, everybody! I am your guide, Koopa Troopa."
  • "Here in the jungle stand the mysterious ruins. Rumor has it that a great treasure is hidden here." (DK's Jungle Adventure)
  • "If you look for this treasure, surely one of you will find it."
  • "But beware! There are many traps in the jungle! Whatever you do, don't step on the ? Spaces, as your safety cannot be guaranteed."
  • "Today there's a party! This is the top of a big birthday cake! It looks delicious, but it just doesn't have enough decorations." (Peach's Birthday Cake)
  • "Everybody, add more decorations to the cake, and help finish it! Use Strawberries to decorate it, and something good may happen."
  • "This is where the Yoshis live..., Watermelon Island and Cantaloupe Island." (Yoshi's Tropical Island)
  • "The Yoshi on the middle island is surrounded by whirlpools, and can't get off the island!"
  • "That Yoshi's best friend is worried, and watches from the shore. Please, do something!"
  • "I have one piece of advice! Beware of Bubba! He plays tricks on the ? Space.”
  • "This is a battlefield, a barren land. The Red Bob-ombs and the Black Bob-ombs still fight." (Wario's Battle Canyon)
  • "Will this war ever end? Somehow, you must try to stop this fighting!"
  • "I have one piece of advice! The central area is Bowser’s. Only the Fly Guy can take you there.”
  • "This is the Engine Room. The Engine in the center hasn't enough energy, and it won't move at all." (Luigi's Engine Room)
  • "We must search for energy and get that engine moving. I wonder what will happen when it starts moving again?"
  • "But beware of that fake inventor, Bowser! Causing trouble for people is what he lives for."
  • "The castle you see from here was once a beautiful castle called Rainbow Castle." (Mario's Rainbow Castle)
  • "But the rainbow disappeared, and even the name Rainbow Castle has been forgotten. With your own hands, you must reveal the shining Rainbow Castle once more!"
  • "I have one piece of advice! In the castle, Toad may change places with Bowser."
  • "Now comes the battle with Bowser. Bowser has failed to bring your adventures to an end. He is entrenched in his volcano and is forcing you to fight!" (Bowser's Magma Mountain)
  • "Bowser awaits you at the volcano's summit. Whoever can defeat that Bowser is a true Super Star."
  • "I have one piece of advice! Even now, the volcano looks as if it may erupt. Don’t excite it! Don’t step on the ? Spaces!"
  • "Here we are on a giant Star. This Star was broken up by Bowser, and he even wrote graffiti all over it!" (Eternal Star)
  • "This cannot be permitted! If I lay eyes on Bowser, why I'll... Buh..., Buh..., Bowser!" (Get replaced by Bowser)
  • "Now then, let's decide the turn order."
  • "Stop the roulette with A Button, The biggest number goes first."
  • "The order has been decided. 1st is (player 1). 2nd is (player 2). 3rd is (player 3). 4th is (player 4)."
  • "That will be the order of turns."
  • "Last, a present from me... 10 Coins for each of you. I hope they will be of some use."
  • "Now, let's start. Everyone, shoot for the Stars, and good luck."

Start Space[edit]

  • "Nice work! Take this 10 Coin Bonus! Use it wisely."
  • "Nice work! Take this 20 Coin Bonus! Just a little bit longer..." (last 5 turns)
  • "Congratulations! Since you're the (number)th person to pass here, I'll give you a special present of ((number)+10) Coins." (20 coins for the 10th time, 30 for the 20th and so on)

Hidden Block[edit]

  • "You got a special bonus. Take these 20 Coins. Keep them well."
  • "I'd like to relax a little, but I have some work to do, so I must be going."

! Space[edit]

  • "Welcome to ! Space. Hope for a reversal of fortune in this lucky event. Good luck!"
  • "Diffirent things will happen when you hit the blocks. Make perfect aim your goal. Go ahead!"
  • "Oh! The results are in! (player 1)'s Coins go to (player 2)."
  • "...but... (player 1) doesn't have any Coins. Too bad!"
  • "Oh! The results are in! Why, (player 1) and (player 2) trade Coins/Stars!"
  • "That's amazing! Okay, go ahead and switch!"
  • "...but... (player 1) and (player 2) don't have any Stars. Too bad."
  • "Oh! The results are in! (player 1)'s Stars go to (player 2)!"
  • "...but... (player 1) doesn't have any Stars. Too bad."

Last Five Turns Event[edit]

  • "Oh, hello. I'm Koopa Troopa."
  • "There's very little time left. We're down to the last 5 turns."
  • "I wonder what the standings are now?"'
  • "Now, I will announce the current standings. 1st (player 1), 2nd (player 2), 3rd (player 3), Last (player 4)."
  • "Who will become the Super Star? My prediction is that... (character) will win."
  • "I have an important announcement! Starting with this turn, all Blue Spaces and all Red Spaces are worth twice as much!"
  • "Finally, I have an announcement. From this round, until the game ends, Blue Spaces and Red Spaces will be worth twice as much!"
  • "Also, when you pass Start, your Bonus is now worth 20 Coins!" (all boards except Eternal Star)
  • "This is truly amazing! This makes an excellent chance for a comeback!"'
  • "This is truly amazing! If used correctly, this is a perfect chance for a comeback!"'
  • "At last we've reached the final stage! Everyone, keep your eyes on Super Stardom, and good luck!"
  • "The final stage has come. Keep your eyes on Super Stardom, and good luck!"


  • "The set number of turns have ended, so now, I'll announce the results. So, who will be the Super Star?"
  • "The person with the most Stars is the winner. So first, let's look at everybody's Stars!"
  • "If it can't be decided by Stars, then we must go to Coins. So let's see how many Coins everybody has! Everybody's Coins look like... This!"
  • "Before announcing the Super Star, I will announce the winners of each reward. These winners will each receive Bonus Points."
  • "First, is the Game Star. This award goes to the player who collected the most Coins in Mini-Games."
  • "Next, is the Coin Star Award. This award goes to the player who collected the most Coins throughout the game."
  • "Last, is the Happening Star. This award goes to the player who landed on the most ? Space."
  • "The Game Star/Coin Star/Happening Star Award goes to (player)!"
  • "Oh! This time there are two/three Game Stars/Coin Stars/Happening Stars. (player 1) and (player 2)/(player 1), (player 2) and also (player 3)!"
  • "Why, this time all four players are Game Stars/Coin Stars/Happening Stars! Which means, There is no winner!"
  • "This is a rare occurrence. We have the exact same number of both Stars and Coins. (Player 1) and (player 2)/(player 1), (player 2) and also (player 3)."
  • "Why, this is extremely rare! Everybody has the same number of Stars and Coins."
  • "When there is a tie, the winner is decided by roulette. The biggest number wins, so let's go!"
  • "(Character) is the Winner!"
  • "(Player 1), (player 2), (player 3) took 2nd, 3rd and 4th place."
  • "Now for our final announcement! Our winner, or Super Star, is... (player)!"
  • "Congratulations (character)! Now that the Stars have been collected, what will happen on this Board?"

Mini-Game Stadium[edit]


  • "Welcome to the Mini-Game Stadium! I am your guide, Koopa Troopa."
  • "This is where you test your Mini-Game skills in competition."
  • "There are no Stars here. Winners or losers are decided only by the number of Coins won."
  • "Even you stop on a Blue Space, you won't get any Coins. But I still give a Bonus."
  • "So, everybody, give it your all!"
  • "Now, let's decide the turn order."
  • "Press A Button to stop the roulette. The biggest number goes first."
  • "The order is decided. 1st is (player 1). 2nd is (player 2). 3rd is (player 3). 4th is (player 4)."
  • "That will be the order of turns."
  • "Last, there is a present from me. I give you each 10 Coins."
  • "Now then, let's start! Who will turn out to be the best at Mini-Gamse?"

Start Space[edit]

  • "Nice work! Take this 10 Coins bonus! Use it wisely."


  • "All the Mini-Games have ended. Who is the winner?"
  • "This is quite rare! We have some people with the exact same number of Coins. It's (player 1) and (player 2)/(player 1), (player 2) and also (player 3)."
  • "This is extremely rare! Everybody has the exact same number of Coins!"
  • "When there is a tie, the winner is decided by roulette. The biggest number wins. Well, let's go!"'
  • "The winner is... (player)!"
  • "Congratulations, (player)! You are the winner!"

Mini-Game Island[edit]


  • "Hey, there's a raft out there in the ocean..., Is that...? It's (player 1)!"
  • "(Player 1) is riding on the raft and coming this way!"
  • "Eh? There's someone else on the raft besides (player 1)... It looks like... Yes, it's (player 2)!"
  • "It looks like (player 2) is behind (player 1)."
  • "Welcome to Mini-Game Island."
  • "Shall I explain this island to you?"
  • "The object of the island is to reach the Goal."
  • "There are 9 Worlds, and you must clear each of the Mini-Games found in those worlds."
  • "A Mini-Game starts by moving to a Mini-Game Space."
  • "After clearing a Mini-Game, you can move to the next space."
  • "However, if you Miss, you lose 1 Life."
  • "If you Miss when you have 0 Lives left, it will be Game Over."
  • "Your remaining Life is shown in the upper-left corner of the screen."
  • "When you clear a Mini-Game, you will gain 1 life."
  • "Your Number of Coins is shown in the upper-right corner of the screen. When you collect 100 Coins, you get 1 more life."
  • "On this Koopa Troopa Space, you can save your game up to that point."
  • "After Game Over, you must start again from the point where you last saved your game."
  • "Be careful to save your game frequently."
  • "Well then, let's start! Keep your eyes on your Goal, and good luck!"


  • "Nice job! What would you like to do?"
  • "Is it okay to save over your old saved data?"
  • "Your game's been saved!"
  • "By clearing Mini-Games or collecting 100 Coins, you get one more Life."
  • "When you are low on Life, play Mini-Games you are good at, and collect more Coins."
  • "By following the Sea Course you can go straight to World 6."
  • "But, since there are many difficult games, be careful when jumping ahead."
  • "As you reach the later Worlds the Mini-Games become more and more difficult."
  • "So be sure to watch your remaining Life as you proceed."
  • "Also, once you have made it half-way to the Goal..., there are many Mini-Games which are quite difficult beyond World 6."
  • "By the way, since Bowser is in the Worlds beyond the Warp Pipe, you won't find him here."
  • "Does that make you feel better? But the Mini-Games in the castle are pretty tough, so be careful."
  • "In cooperative play, only you and your partner will be trying hard to accomplish the goal."
  • "So work closely with your teammate from the raft in order to clear those games."
  • "The Goal is right before your very eyes! Just a breath away!"
  • "Don't make any careless mistakes!"
  • "Finally, the goal! Amazing!"
  • "What's that?!? Somebody is riding the cloud and coming this way! Is that...? It's Toad!"
  • "Toad is coming this way on the cloud!!"


  • "Nice work, Mario. As can be expected of the leading man, you just can't seem to lose."
  • "Certainly, you would make a suitable Super Star. Everybody knows that."
  • "We expect a lot of you in your coming adventures. Good luck!"
  • "Great work, Luigi. But you don't compare to Mario... isn't that what you think?"
  • "But I've been noticing you lately, Luigi, and all I can say is, hurray, Luigi!
  • "Keep up the good work! I really believe that you can become a Super Star."
  • "Great work, Peach. Unknowingly, I have witnessed your beautiful play."
  • "It's understandable that Bowser would want to run off with you. Why even I... uh... Nevermind[sic]."
  • "From now on, keep up your work as herione - no, as Super Star."
  • "Nice job, Yoshi! Your vast experience equals that of Mario."
  • "With that attitude, I think you will make a great Super Star."
  • "We expect to see a lot of you from now on. Good luck!"
  • "Nice work, Wario. That was very respectable play. In a word, brilliant!"
  • "In the world out there, there are some who call you devious."
  • "But that is not true! I believe that you are a Super Star."
  • "From now on, polish that deviousness - no, that wisdom - of yours."
  • "Nice work, Donkey Kong. Perhaps only you, brimming with wildness... will be the Super Star! With that stylish tie around your neck, always fashion conscious. Keep up the good work. We're rooting for you."
  • "It's nothing special, but please accept this present."
  • "This rare Mini-Game can't be found beyond the Warp Pipe."
  • "Come back to Mini-Game Island again and play some more. We'll be waiting for you."
  • "Well, (character), Congratulations."


  • "Yahoo!"
  • "Yah-ha, I'm the best!"
  • "Oh, my god!" (Japanese version only)


  • "Ooooohhhh, noooooooo!" (when losing a minigame)
  • "Hee hee, I got it!"

Mecha Fly Guy[edit]

  • "Your flight time was [X]'[X]"[XX]..."
  • "It's a New Record!"
  • "By the way, you spun the Control Stick (number) Times in 10 seconds."
  • "Come on! Give me your best shot!"
  • "That's still not quite it...,"
  • "Yeah, that's it, but don't break me by getting me too excited."
  • "Amazing! You've really gotten the hang of it!"
  • "That is Amazing! Who..., WHAT are you ?!?"

Minigame Announcer[edit]

  • "Start!"
  • "Finish!"
  • "New record!"
  • "Draw!"
  • "Clear!"
  • "Miss."
  • "Game Over." (reused in Mario Party 3 for the Item Mini-Games except the Japanese version)
  • "Ready? Go!"
  • "Goal!"
  • "(character) wins!"
  • "Strike!"
  • "Time up!"
  • "Chance Time!"
  • "We are the Superstar!"

Mushroom Shop Clerk[edit]

  • "I'll trade you Items for Coins."
  • "Welcome! Can I interest you in a 'Magma's Mountain'?"
  • "Would you like any Items?"
  • "This costs (number) Coins. Would you like it?"
  • "Thank you very much. Can I get you anthing else?"
  • "I'm sorry, we're all out. Please come again."
  • "I'm sorry, we've sold out of everything."
  • "Leave the Shop."


Game's opening cutscene[edit]

  • "It's Mario and his good friends... but it looks like something's wrong."
  • "What could it possibly be?"
  • "They're talking about who among them is the biggest star, the Super Star."
  • "(Wario's quote), says Wario."
  • "Donkey Kong's got bragging rights for strength!"
  • "Or perhaps Mario would make the best Super Star?"
  • "Or maybe the princess, Peach?"
  • "But wait! We can't forget Yoshi with all his energy."
  • "Why, they're all arguing, each one claiming to be the Super Star!"

Party Mode[edit]

? Space[edit]

  • "Huh? Nothing happened!?!" (if there are no players in the path)
  • "Well, I guess nothing happened!?" (if a player lands on a ? Space with less than 30 coins to plant a Piranha Plant)
  • "That Piranha Plant has a hungry look in its eye." (if a player lands on a ? Space that has a Piranha Plant they own)
  • "Since you don't have a Star, the Piranha Plant won't bother you." (if a player lands on a ? Space that has a Piranha Plant owned by another with no stars)
  • "Due to Bubba's trick, Toad and Bowser switched places."
  • "The Cannons have changed targets. They've changed direction, too."
  • "Blue Doors/Red Doors are closed, and Red Doors/Blue Doors are opened."
  • "Bowser's attack changed all the Blue Spaces into Red Spaces!"
  • "Huh? nothing happened?" (if the Blue Spaces have already turned into Red Spaces)

Mushroom Space[edit]

  • "You picked a Poisonus Mushroom!"
  • "You're still sick from the Poisonus Mushroom."


  • "You hear a voice beyond the door: 'People who don't have 20 Coins can't come this way!'"
  • "It's 2 Rounds since the eruption, so the spaces are back to normal."
  • "Why.., you've found a Hidden Block!"

Mini-Game Island[edit]


  • "Choose the character that you will use."
  • "Choose your computer-controlled teammate."
  • "Is this correct?"


  • "Enter here?"
  • "Leave here?"


  • "Hello. I can move the Blue Doors and the Red Doors. Do you want me to move them?"
    • "Oh-kay. I will move them. Thank you very much." (Yes)
    • "Oh-kay. I won't move them. Please, come back again, now." (No)
  • "You don't have 20 Coins, so, Good Bye!" (Not enough coins)

Porto and Bello[edit]

  • "I can withdraw or deposit items for you."
  • "No items were stolen. Do you want to use them?"
  • "I can tell you your balance of Stars and Coins."
  • "Now you have (number) Coins and (number) Stars."
  • "Bowser stole your Stars! Quick! Go to the Warp Pipe and get them back!!"
  • "Now, you have (number) Coins. It's amazing how many Stars you've gotten! You really are the Super Star!"
  • "Leave the Bank."


  • "Yeah!"
  • "Yeah, Peach has got it!"
  • "Oh, no!"


Mini-Game House[edit]

  • "I sell Mini-Games that you've found in board games."
  • "Wanna buy some Mini-Games?"
  • "Here, you can play Mini-Games that you have founded."
  • "Well, do you want to play a Mini-Game?"
  • "This is the Pot o' Skills. It leads to the Mini-Game Stadium."
  • "Will you look inside the pot?"
  • "This is a Mecha Fly Guy. It counts how many times you rotate the Control Stick."
  • "Start counting?"
  • "Rotate your Control Stick and wind him up!"
  • "Leave the Mini-Game House."

Mini-Game Stadium[edit]

  • "The Mini-Game Stadium is where you test your skills at Mini-Games. Be prepared to do your best!"
  • "Oops! Before going to the Stadium, you must choose some settings. Answer these questions..."
  • "So, how many people will play this time?"
  • "Which character will the players use?"
  • "Okay, choose the (number) character(s) the computer will use."
  • "Choose the first/Second/third Computer-Controlled Player."
  • "Will you use a handicap?"
  • "Set the computer's skill level to:"
  • "Finally, how many turns will you play?"
    • "How about Lite Play? The game ends after 10 turns."
    • "What about Standard Play? The game ends after 20 turns."
    • "Maybe give Full Play a try? The game ends after 30 turns."
  • "This is the last question... Are these settings all right?"

Red Bob-omb[edit]

  • "Attack orders! Load the cannon! Load it! LOAD IT!" (only in the first time)
  • "New orders! We're changing the targets! Move the Cannon!"


  • "As a toll for passing, you must pay more than (number) Coins. Will you pass?"
    • "How much will you pay? Decide how much with Control Stick. Toll (number) Coins. The most is 50 Coins." (Pass)
    • "Okay. Goodbye!" (Don't Pass)
  • "Okay, you can pass."
  • "If you don't have more than (number) Coins, goodbye!"



  • "Okay!"

Game's opening cutscene[edit]

  • "WAIT A SECOND!!!"
  • "Does each of you really want to be a Super Star?"
  • "Then let's see what it takes to be a Super Star."
  • "Does it only take strength to be a Super Star?"
  • "In order to be a Super Star, it takes..."
  • "Courage..., ...and Wisdom, and... ...Kindness."
  • "If all of you want to be a Super Star, then I have an idea."
  • "Why not use the Warp Pipe in Mushroom Village, and head out into adventure?"
  • "The person who comes out of the adventures on top is the Super Star."
  • "But..."
  • "There's no telling what danger might await you."
  • "Do you want to head out into adventure?"

Mushroom Village[edit]

  • "Hey! I'm Toad. I'll show you around Mushroom Village."
  • "Choose the place you want to go with the cursor."
  • "This is the Mushroom Shop. You can buy items here."
  • "This is the Mushroom Bank. Keep your items here."
  • "This is the Warp Pipe, the entrance to adventure."
  • "This is the Option House. Choose the game settings here."
  • "This raft can take you to Mini-Game Island."
  • "This is the Mini-Game House. Play Mini-Games here."
  • "What will you do?"
  • "Do you want to ride the raft?"
  • "Hey, it seems like something's wrong in Mushroom Village."
  • "Something wrong! Let's check out Mushroom Bank."

Tutorial Board[edit]


  • "Hello everybody! You are all going to head out into adventure after this."
  • "Before departing, let me make the object of the game clear to you."
  • "The object of the game is to become the Super Star!"
  • "To become the Super Star, you must collect more Stars than anybody else."
  • "Collecting Stars and other rules will be explained after this, in the board map."
  • "So, let's go to the board map!"


  • "Welcome to the Board! This is the First Map. First, I'll explain how the game progresses."
  • "First, we decide turn order. Hit the spinning Dice Block to make a number appear."
  • "The highest number goes first and the lowest number goes last."
  • "Press the A Button to stop the spinning block."
  • "The order has been decided. 1st is Mario. 2nd is Luigi. 3rd is Peach. 4th is Yoshi."
  • "Then, the Game starts, so let's get going!"
  • "You can move the number of spaces shown on the block."
  • "This is a Blue Space. You get 3 Coins on this space."
  • "This is a Red Space. You lose 3 Coins on this space."
  • "This is a Mini-Game Space. If you land here, a One-Player Mini-Game starts."
  • "You can get more Coins in a Mini-Game."
  • "This is a '?' Space. You will find that a variety of happenings occur here."
  • "Diffirent things happen here depending on the map, so surprise is half the fun."'
  • "After all players have moved, the Round ends, and a Mini-Game begins."
  • "This is a '!' Space. When you land here, a Chance Game begins."
  • "The Chance Game is a game in which you match up 3 blocks."
  • "Depending on how the blocks match up, you can steal Coins or Stars from other players."
  • "This is a Bowser Space. When you land on this space, Bowser appears."
  • "This is a Mushroom Space. When you land on this space, a Block appears."
  • "If a Mushroom appears, you can hit the block again and take another turn."
  • "If a Poisonus Mushroom appears, you will lose your next turn."
  • "Well then, next I'll explain Mini-Games."
  • "After all players have moved and the Round ends, a Mini-Game begins."
  • "This is the Player Panel. The panel changes depending on the spaces that the player landed on."
  • "Character are grouped by blue or red, and the type of Mini-Game is determined."
  • "If a player has stopped on a '?' Space, the computer sets it to blue or red randomly."
  • "For example, if all players are the same color, like this, a 4-Player Mini-Game begins."
  • "When panels are spilt between blue and red, teams are determined by color, and there is a competition between the Blue Team and the Red Team.
  • "When there are two panels each for blue and red, a 2 vs. 2 Mini-Game begins."
  • "When there is 1 blue panel and 3 red panels, or 1 red panel and 3 blue panels, a 1 vs. 3 Mini-Game begins."
  • "Next is choosing a Mini-Game."
  • "The Mini-Game is chosen randomly from among the many Mini-Games available."
  • "When you win a Mini-Game, you can win Coins, or steal Coins from others."
  • "So, do your best in the Mini-Games, and collect as many Coins as you can."
  • "With that, I'll explain the characters found on Board Map."
  • "There are several characters on the Board Maps."
  • "When you pass these characters, you can talk to them."
  • "By paying these characters Coins, they can help you out in diffirent ways."
  • "I, Toad, have many Stars, and I will trade you a Star for 20 Coins."
  • "Boo will steal Coins or Stars from other characters for you."
  • "To steal a Star, it will cost you 50 Coins."
  • "Koopa Troopa is your guide in the Board Maps."
  • "When you meet him, he will give you a 10-Coin present."
  • "Bowser is always plotting to foil your adventures."
  • "When you meet Bowser, he will always play some kind of tricks on you, so be careful."
  • "In this way, you'll move through the Board Maps, collecting Stars."
  • "After the set number of turns has passed, the game ends."
  • "Then the winners of 3 Awards will be announced."
  • "The first award, the Game Star award, is for getting the most Coins in Mini-Games."
  • "Second is the Coin Star award. The person who collected the most Coins overall wins this."
  • "Last is the Happening Award, which goes to the person who lands on the most "?" Spaces."
  • "The players who win these Awards each receive 1 Star!"
  • "At last comes the announcement of the Final Results."
  • "Places are determined by the number of Stars collected."
  • "The player who collected the most Stars is the winner, or the Super Star of the game."
  • "If more than one player happen to have the same number of Stars, the winner is decided by Coins."
  • "The Coins you collect are deposited into Mushroom Bank."
  • "You can use your Coins to go shopping in Mushroom Village."
  • "In the same way, the Stars you collect are also deposited in Mushroom Bank."
  • "As you collect more Stars, eventually something good will surely happen."
  • "And that's the end of my explanation. Keep your eyes on the Super Star, and good luck!"

Party Mode[edit]


  • "Before your adventure begins, you must choose game settings. Please anwser a few questions."
  • "First, how many people will play this time?"
  • "Next, choose the characters that the players will use."
  • "Now, chooose the (number) character(s) that the computer will control."
  • "Choose the 1st/2nd/3rd Computer-controlled character."
  • "Set the computer's skill level to:"
  • "Okay, next choose what map you want to go to."
  • "Is it all right?"
  • "Okay, last, choose the number of turns you'll play." (Yes)
    • "How about Lite Play? The game ends after 20 turns."
    • "What about Standard Play? The game ends after 35 turns."
    • "Maybe give Full Play a try? The game ends after 50 turns."
  • "Now for the last question... Are these settings okay?"

Star Space[edit]

  • "Let me show you where to find the first/next Star."
  • "This is the Star Spot. Get the Star by giving Toad 20 Coins."
  • "Wow! You have what it takes for a Star! Will you trade coins for a Star?"
    • "OK, here's your Star!" (Yes)
    • "Well, Goodbye." (No)
  • "Oh, that's too bad, you don't have what it takes for a Star. Save up 20 Coins and come back."
  • "Wow! Amazing! You can't have any more Stars than this! If you lose any, come back again." (Impossible without hacking, requires that player has 99 Stars)
  • "Supposely, there is a treasure hidden somewhere in the ruins. Do you think it really so?" (DK's Jungle Adventure)
  • "Rumor has it that the treasure is a banana made of gold. Did you know that?"
  • "The ruin has many traps set in it, so be careful."
  • "You need a 'key' to find the treasure, but where is the 'key' to be found?"
  • "It's just a hunch, but doesn't the stone coffin above the altar look a little strange? Doesn't it?"
  • "Princess Toadstool made this cake. What do you think? Isn't it cute?" (Peach's Birthday Cake)
  • "It looks like there is going to be some kind of party here. What kind of party? I don't even know that."
  • "I wonder if there are any more party-like decorations around here somewhere?"
  • "That'd be great if it's a fun party. Oh! Now..., I'm getting excited!"
  • "The party will be starting soon. Won't you decorate the cake? It seems like it's missing something..."
  • "Big, beautiful, shiny decorations..., I think I know what it needs!"
  • "Did you see the whirlpools? You can't cross over to the middle island." (Yoshi's Tropical Island)
  • "That Yoshi by the seashore is crying because he can't go see his friend."
  • "They're torn apart, those two Yoshis. They were the best of friends."
  • "As long as the whirlpools are there, that Yoshi can't see his friend. Oh, it's so sad!"
  • "If only some kind of strength could make that whirlpool go away!"
  • "Those poor, poor Yoshis. If only somehow, we could get them together."
  • "This is a battlefield. Even now, on this barren earth war continues." (Wario's Battle Canyon)
  • "The Red Bob-ombs and the Black Bob-ombs ceaselessly continue their fighting."
  • "For enemies and allies it has been a long war, and all the Bob-ombs are very weary."
  • "We must stop this battle immediately. But how can we? How can we stop it?"
  • "If there were a signal for a truce, surely the Bob-ombs would stop fighting."
  • "If there were a signal for truce, this war would surely end, but..."
  • "This is the Engine Room, but what kind of Engine Room is it? I have absolutely no idea!" (Luigi's Engine Room)
  • "In the center of the Engine Room, there is a great, big engine. But now, it isn't moving at all."
  • "It sure is big, that engine. I wonder what would happen if we got it going again?"
  • "Surely, the engine isn't moving because there isn't enough energy. If only there were energy, it would move."
  • "But what kind of energy would it take to get it moving again? Do you know?"
  • "Energy great enough to move an engine. Probably, none other than Star Power!"
  • "On a sea of clouds that spreads across the sky stands a great castle. But somehow, it seems rather sad." (Mario's Rainbow Castle)
  • "That middle castle used to be called Rainbow Castle. It was very beautiful."
  • "But now, there's not a rainbow to be seen. Yes, it is sad. I wonder, can't we go back to the past?"
  • "What could we do that would turn that castle back into Rainbow Castle?"
  • "I want to paint a beautiful rainbow over that castle. Don't you?"
  • "I bet we could paint a new rainbow if we used our Star Power."
  • "Finally, it is time to deal with Bowser. So give a shout, and get to work!" (Bowser's Magma Mountain)
  • "Bowser is to be found at the summit of the volcano. Be careful not to pass in front of it."
  • "Bowser will attack you with a volcanic eruption, so beware!"
  • "If the volcano erupts, the path will become a sea of red. Surely, everyone will feel the difficulty."
  • "The volcano's rocks protect Bowser, making him invincible. First, something must be done about that."
  • "Maybe you can break the volcano down with your Star Power."

Mini-Game Island[edit]


  • "Wait a second! Lastly, you must compete with me, Toad!"
  • "We will compete in the Slot Car Derby Mini-Game. Now, let's start!"


  • "I knew it! You'll easily make it as a Super Star in the worlds beyond the Warp Pipe."
  • "Wow! You've cleared all the Mini-Games!"
  • "I will also give you a present, (character)."
  • "By the way, do you want to save the game?"
  • "Is it okay to save over your other saved data?"
  • "It's saved!"
  • "Well, with that, let's head back to Mushroom Village!"

Volcano-head statue[edit]

  • "If you want to take the shortcut, try roulette!"
    • "Hmph! You won! Well, go ahead." (Yes, Star)
    • "Oh, too bad! You LOST! Go back to that road you came here on!" (Yes, Bowser's face)
  • "Do you have 10 Coins? Then no short-cut!" (Not enough coins)
  • "Which of the two roads in front of you will you take? Let the roulette decide!"
    • "Hmph! You got lucky! But next time YOU WON'T!" (Star)
    • "It's Bowser Course! You get to meet Bowser, King of Magic! Lucky you!" (Bowser's face)


Game's opening cutscene[edit]

  • "A Super Star must be strong."


  • "Wario, I gotta win!"
  • "So ein Mist!" (German for "Blast it!", often misinterpreted as "D'oh, I missed!")[1]
  • "Oh, my god!" (Japanese version only)


  • "You wanna go down this path I'm on?"
    • "Then I'll move." (Yes)
    • "Okay, goodbye." (No)
  • "Can't pass if you don't have 10 Coins!"


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