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This is a list of quotes from the game Mario Party; they are listed alphabetically by character. Yoshi and Donkey Kong are not included in the lineup, since they lack intelligible speech.

Baby Bowser[edit]

  • "Ha, ha. That's funny. You don't have what it takes to get a Star. Save up 20 Coins and come back again. Hah! Too bad!"


  • "Boooo!"
  • "I'll steal Stars or Coins for you."
  • "The cost is 50 coins to steal Stars, but stealing Coins is absolutely free!"
  • "From whom?"
  • "Okay! Here I go!"
  • "Don't feel so guilty. Heh, heh, heh!"


  • "Wah, Hah, HAH!"
  • "Welcome to the Bowser Space! We've plenty of fun events!"
  • "Welcome to the Bowser Space, but you've got no Coins or stars."
  • "Well, I can't do anything to you. Oh well, it can't be helped. Here's 20 coins."
  • "Welcome to the Bowser Space! Huh? You've got no Coins!"
  • "I guess I can't take any of these then. Well, I'll just trade 10 Coins for your Star."
  • "Now then, choose your event by roulette!"
  • "Why, it's (Bowser Minigame)!"
  • "But the rules are a little different than usual."
  • "Everyone who loses, loses (number) Coins! Well, here we go!"
  • "It's 1 on 3, and losers lose (number) Coins. Well, let's go!"
  • "If you don't get at least 90 Points in Face Lift, you lose (number) coins!"
  • "Now for the results."
    • "(character list) each lose (number) coins!"
    • "Oh my! only (character) loses (number) coins! I'll take those!"
    • "What? Everybody wins? Well, I don't like you, so I'll just take (number) Coins!"
    • "In the end, you lose (number) coins!"
    • "Those other three each lose (number) coins!"
    • "It's a tie, so everybody loses (number) Coins!"
  • "What terrible people! They stole (number) coins!"
  • "Whoa! Amazing! You didn't even get 1 Coin stolen! Well, that means I get to have 15 Coins!"


  • "Which way will you go? The Flower Lottery chooses for you! First, I'll take the 10 Coin fee."
  • "Oh! You don't have any Coins at all! Well, you get a special offer...This time, I'll let you do it free!"
  • "Now, pick one of these seeds. Only 1 is a winner!"
  • "And what did you get? Let's take a look!"
  • "It's a winner! Great. Great! GREAT! You get to go see Bowser! You're so lucky! Congratulations!"
  • "'s a loser! Too bad. Too Bad! TOO BAD! You have to go see Toad. That's really too bad!"

Koopa Troopa[edit]

  • "Welcome, everybody! I am your guide, Koopa Troopa."
  • "Now then, let's decide the turn order."
  • "Stop the roulette with, The biggest number goes first."
  • "The order has been decided. (Character Order goes here)"
  • "That will be the order of turns."
  • "Last, a present from me... 10 Coins for each of you. I hope they will be of some use."
  • "Now, let's start. Everyone, shoot for the Stars, and good luck."
  • "Nice work! Take this 10 Coin bonus! Use it wisely."
  • "You get a special bonus. Take these 20 Coins. Keep them well."
  • "I'd like to relax a little, but I have some work to do, so I must be going."
  • "The set number of turns have ended, so now, I'll announce the results. So, Who will be the Super Star?"
  • "The person with the most Stars is the winner. So first, let's look at everybody's Stars!"
  • "If it can't be decided by Stars, then we must go to Coins. So let's see how many Coins everybody has! Everybody's Coins look like... This!"
  • "Before announcing the Super Star, I will announce the winners of each reward. These winners will each receive Bonus Points."
  • "First, is the Game Star. This award goes to the player who collected the most Coins in Mini-Games."
  • "Next, is the Coin Star Award. This award goes to the player who collected the most Coins throughout the game."
  • "Last, is the Happening Star. This award goes to the player who landed on the most ? Spaces."
  • "The (Bonus Star) award goes to (Character)!"
  • "Oh! This time there are (Two/Three) (Bonus Star), (Characters)!"
  • "Why, this time all four players are (Bonus Star)! Which means, There is no winner!"
  • "This is a rare occurrence. We have the exact same number of both Stars and Coins. (characters)."
  • "When there is a tie, the winner is decided by roulette. The biggest number wins, so let's go!"
  • "(character) is the Winner!"
  • "This is quite rare! We have some people with the exact same number of Coins. It's (characters)."
  • "When there is a tie, the winner is decided by Roulette. The biggest number wins. Well, let's go!"
  • "The winner is... (character)!"
  • "Now for our final announcement! Our winner, or Super Star, is... (Character)!"
  • "Congratulations (Character)! Now that the Stars have been collected, what will happen on this Board?"


  • "Yah-ha!"
  • "Yahoo!"
  • "Owwowowo...!"
  • "Yah-ha, I'm the best!"
  • "Ow ow ow ow ow!"
  • "Oh, my god!" (Japanese version only)


  • "Hoo hoo!" (when winning a minigame)
  • "Yippee, ha ha ha!"
  • "Ooooohhhh, noooooooo!" (when losing a minigame)
  • "Hee hee, I got it!"

Mecha Fly Guy[edit]

  • "Your flight time was [X]'[X]"[XX]..."
  • "It's a New Record!"
  • "By the way, you spun the Control Stick [Number] Times in 10 seconds."
  • "Come on! Give me your best shot!"
  • "That's still not quite it...,"
  • "Yeah, that's it, but don't break me by getting me too excited."
  • "Amazing! You've really gotten the hang of it!"
  • "That is Amazing! Who..., WHAT are you ?!?"

Minigame Announcer[edit]

  • "Start!"
  • "Finish!"
  • "New record!"
  • "Draw!"
  • "Clear!"
  • "Miss."
  • "Game Over." (reused in Mario Party 3 for the Item Mini-Games except the Japanese version)
  • "Ready? Go!"
  • "Goal!"
  • "(character) wins!"
  • "Strike!"
  • "Time up!"
  • "Chance Time!"
  • "We are the Superstar!"


  • "You don't have 20 Coins, so, Good Bye!" (Not enough coins)
  • "Hello. I can move the Blue Doors and the Red Doors. Do you want me to move them?"
  • "Oh-kay. I won't move them. Please, come back again, now." (No)
  • "Oh-kay. I will move them. Thank you very much." (Yes)


  • "Yeah!"
  • "Yeah, Peach has got it!"
  • "Oh, no!"


  • "WAIT A SECOND!!!"
  • "Does each of you really want to be a Super Star?"
  • "Then let's see what it takes to be a Super Star."
  • "Does it only take strength to be a Super Star?"
  • "In order to be a Super Star, it takes..."
  • "Courage..., ...and Wisdom, and... ...Kindness."
  • "If all of you want to be a Super Star, I have an idea."
  • "Why not use the Warp Pipe in Mushroom Village, and head out into adventure?"
  • "The person who comes out of the adventures on top is the Super Star."
  • "But..."
  • "There's no telling what danger might await you."
  • "Do you want to head out into adventure?"
  • "Let me show you where to find the first Star."
  • "This is the Star Spot. Get the Star by giving Toad 20 Coins."
  • "Wow! You have what it takes for a Star! Will you trade coins for a Star?"
  • "OK, here's your Star!"
  • "Oh, that's too bad, you don't have what it takes for a Star. Save up 20 Coins and come back."
  • "Wow! Amazing! You can't have any more Stars than this! If you lose any, come back again." (Impossible without hacking, requires that player has 99 Stars)


  • "Ah ha ha ha!"
  • "Wario, I gotta win!"
  • "So ein Mist!"
  • "Oh, my god!" (Japanese version only)


  • "Can't pass if you don't have 10 Coins!"