List of Diddy Kong Racing quotes

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This is a list of quotes from the game Diddy Kong Racing, applying to both the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS versions.

Diddy Kong[edit]

  • "I'm Diddy!"


  • "Hello there!"
  • "I am the genie of the island."
  • "I am here to help you!"
  • "Good luck!"


  • "Diddy Kong Racing!"
  • "Trophy Race."
  • "Get Ready!"
  • "Go!"
  • "Go for it!"
  • "You can do this!"
  • "Keep going!"
  • "Power up!"
  • "Lap 2!"
  • "Final Lap!"
  • "Finish!"
  • "Unlucky!"
  • "Too bad!"
  • "No no no, wrong way!"
  • "Wrong way!"
  • "Lap record!"
  • "Race record!"


First meeting[edit]

  • "You can't beat ME!"

First time defeated (DS only)[edit]

  • "Nooooo!!!! I can't believe you have beaten me! You may have saved this world..."

First ending[edit]

  • "Sorry to break the party WORMS!"
  • "But I HAD to say GOODBYE!"
  • "See ya later WORMS!"

Last meeting[edit]

  • "Well, lookie here!"
  • "It's the LITTLE WORM!"

Second time defeated (DS only)[edit]

  • "Noooo! You have defeated me again. I will be back. WORMS!!!!"