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Not to be confused with Airplane.
A yellow Plane
Plane icon DKRDS.png

Planes are a type of vehicle found in Diddy Kong Racing and its remake. It is a vehicle that has much more freedom of movement than wither the Car or Hovercraft, allowing it to travel across almost any terrain or obstacle in a track. However it is the least available of the three vehicles, only allowing use in eleven of the twenty race tracks in the original version, and fifteen of the twenty-four in the DS remake. They are also used in the Fire Mountain battle stage, along with the race against Smokey the Dragon and the second Wizpig race.

In Diddy Kong Racing DS, planes can have various customization attached to them to alter their stats, as with all other vehicles in the game. However, acceleration-favoring customization has no effect, as all planes have the same rate of acceleration no matter which character uses it. Plane hues can also be customized with a slider; as a result, unique plane colors are absent in favor of characters having the default yellow-colored planes.

Level availability[edit]

Name Availability
Dino Domain
Ancient Lake Check mark.svg
Fossil Canyon Check mark.svg
Jungle Falls Check mark.svg
Hot Top Volcano Check mark.svg
Snowflake Mountain
Everfrost Peak Check mark.svg
Walrus Cove X mark.svg
Snowball Valley X mark.svg
Frosty Village Check mark.svg
Sherbet Island
Whale Bay X mark.svg
Crescent Island X mark.svg
Pirate Lagoon X mark.svg
Treasure Caves Check mark.svg
Dragon Forest
Windmill Plains Check mark.svg
Greenwood Village X mark.svg
Boulder Canyon X mark.svg
Haunted Woods X mark.svg
Future Fun Land
Space Dust Alley Check mark.svg
Darkmoon Caverns X mark.svg
Spaceport Alpha Check mark.svg
Star City Check mark.svg

Plane colors[edit]