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This article is about the vehicle from Diddy Kong Racing. For Funky Kong's similarly-named vehicle from Donkey Kong Country 3, see Hover Craft.
A Hovercraft from Diddy Kong Racing.
A yellow hovercraft

Hovercrafts are one of the three usable vehicles in Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS, the other two being cars and planes. Their main attribute is the ability to float across bodies of water, including lava due to their immunity to burn, and they can jump and go across ice that is too bouncy for cars. The hovercrafts are the default vehicle of those stages, which are the main theme of Sherbet Island. It is the only hub world where the character drives around in a hovercraft. These vehicles can be driven in every stage, except for some boss fights and battle stages.

Hovercrafts are considered to be the trickiest vehicle to control, mainly because of poor steering capabilities. In the Nintendo DS remake, players can initiate a Rocket Start by blowing into the DS's microphone.


In the original Diddy Kong Racing, every character's hovercraft had its own color, just like cars and planes. In Diddy Kong Racing DS, every character's hovercraft is yellow by default. However, from Taj's Wishes Menu, the player can change its color along with adding more customization options to it.

Level availability[edit]

Diddy and T.T. race in hovercrafts in Pirate Lagoon, a course where hovercrafts are the default vehicle.

Hovercrafts are a usable vehicle in every course. However, they are only used as a default vehicle in three courses, two from Sherbet Island and one from Dragon Forest. The player races in a hovercraft during two boss races, against Bluey the Walrus and Bubbler the Octopus; it is the only vehicle that is not used in a race against Wizpig. Darkwater Beach is the only Challenge Level where racers ride in hovercrafts.

Course Availability Default vehicle
Dino Domain
Ancient Lake Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Fossil Canyon Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Jungle Falls Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Hot Top Volcano Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Boss level: Tricky the Triceratops X mark.svg X mark.svg
Challenge Level: Fire Mountain X mark.svg X mark.svg
Snowflake Mountain
Everfrost Peak Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Walrus Cove Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Snowball Valley Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Frosty Village Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Boss level: Bluey the Walrus Check mark.svg Check mark.svg
Challenge Level: Icicle Pyramid X mark.svg X mark.svg
Sherbet Island
Whale Bay Check mark.svg Check mark.svg
Crescent Island Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Pirate Lagoon Check mark.svg Check mark.svg
Treasure Caves Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Boss level: Bubbler the Octopus Check mark.svg Check mark.svg
Challenge Level: Darkwater Beach Check mark.svg Check mark.svg
Dragon Forest
Windmill Plains Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Greenwood Village Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Boulder Canyon Check mark.svg Check mark.svg
Haunted Woods Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Boss level: Smokey the Dragon X mark.svg X mark.svg
Challenge Level: Smokey Castle X mark.svg X mark.svg
Future Fun Land
Space Dust Alley Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Darkmoon Caverns Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Spaceport Alpha Check mark.svg X mark.svg
Star City Check mark.svg X mark.svg
First race X mark.svg X mark.svg
Second race X mark.svg X mark.svg