Fossil Canyon

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Diddy Kong Racing Track
Fossil Canyon
Location Dino Domain
Balloon # 2
Transportation Car, Hovercraft, Plane
Track Notes A fork in the road can be found in this early stage.
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Fossil Canyon is the second track in set for Diddy Kong Racing and its Nintendo DS counterpart, Diddy Kong Racing DS.

This level offers considerably great challenges for new racers. The track has numerous Power-Up Tokens, exclusively in the game's remake, and many Zipper pads. Notorious for its fork in the road, both ways are quick. If the racer travels towards the left side, they will find a red balloon with a missile, but the other route has green and blue balloons for an offensive or defensive attack. As an early track, however, it does not feature any moving obstacles, so the racers should simply try to avoid the outside of the roads to stay safe.

Track layout[edit]

DS version of the track.

The track begins as a straight road gently curving to the left. Eventually, players find a dash panel and two green balloons at both edges of the road. Then, players can find an overhang, with a red balloon. There is a u-turn with steep edges after that. Players can collect the bananas along the turn or use a dash panel to fly across the gap with water on on the bottom. Then, they can enter the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel, there is a sharp turn to the left. After this, there are a few bananas players can collect. After a sharp turn to the right, players can find two green balloons and two red balloons. There is also a dash panel behind those balloons. After exiting the tunnel, players jump over a bump that contains a green balloon in the middle. The path splits; to the left, there is a narrow path with a green balloon beneath the small overhand. On the right is a wider path with two green balloons and two blue balloons. At the end of the lap, there is a small ramp with a row of bananas.


Coin Locations[edit]

Like the other levels of Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS, Fossil Canyon is filled with eight coins, scattered all around the area. However, the coins only appear once the player has beaten the world's boss at least once.

  • The first coin can be found in the center of the track near the first Zipper.
  • The next coin is located right after the first set of balloons on the side of the road. In the Nintendo DS remake of the game, it is instead in the center of the track.
  • The third coin can be found shortly after the second Zipper.
  • Not too long after the second Zipper, a lake can be found to the left of the track. The coin is along the edge of this lake near a tunnel.
  • Right by the third Zipper, racers can find the next coin.
  • The sixth coin is located before a small bump outside of a tunnel.
  • On the fork-in-the-road, a coin can be found in the route to the right.
  • On the left route in the fork, racers can find the final coin.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゆうやけキャニオン
Yūyake Kyanion
Sunset Canyon
French Canyon aux Fossiles Fossil Canyon