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Wizpig DKRDS art.png
Wizpig, as he appears in Diddy Kong Racing DS
Species Pig
First appearance Diddy Kong Racing (1997)
Latest appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS (2007)
Latest portrayal Chris Seavor (1997-2007)

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“Well, lookie here! It's the little worm!”
Wizpig, Diddy Kong Racing

Wizpig is a gigantic alien pig, and the main villain of Diddy Kong Racing and its Nintendo DS remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS.


Diddy Kong Racing / Diddy Kong Racing DS[edit]

Not much of Wizpig's past is known, besides the fact that Wizpig was bored and decided to conquer his own planet. Wizpig succeeded and transformed his homeworld into a high-tech amusement park called Future Fun Land. Eventually Wizpig once again grew bored and decided to leave his planet to look for thrills on other inhabited worlds. One of the thrills Wizpig discovered was racing. This sport eventually became Wizpig's favorite thing to do, along with causing chaos.[1] Wizpig's name is a portmanteau of "wizard" and "pig".

From then on, Wizpig caused trouble, racing those who challenged him. Eventually Wizpig wound up on Timber's Island, a neighbor of Donkey Kong Island, here he set to work. First Wizpig usurped Taj the Genie. Then, Wizpig turned Drumstick into a frog when Drumstick tried to challenge Wizpig. He also managed to hypnotize Tricky the Triceratops, Bluey the Walrus, Bubbler the Octopus, and Smokey the Dragon into becoming his servants, giving each of them a Wizpig Amulet piece to guard.

Timber, the son of the island's owners and his friend Diddy Kong, gained all the pieces to Wizpig's amulet, which allowed them to challenge Wizpig. After they beat Wizpig, Wizpig teleported away. With Wizpig gone, the heroes celebrated. This party was cut short by Wizpig. Transporting himself and an opponent to Future Fun Land, Wizpig demanded a re-match.

After a race consisting of dodging robots, electric fences, and lasers, the heroes once again beat Wizpig. After his defeat, the rocket Wizpig was riding malfunctioned, stranding Wizpig on a deserted planet.

In Diddy Kong Racing DS, Wizpig is an unlockable playable character, and he can be unlocked by completing Adventure Mode 2. Wizpig as a playable character was resized to fit in the vehicle, and his stats are the same as Taj's.

Mario no Bōken Land[edit]

Wizpig makes an appearance in the Diddy Kong Racing story segment of Mario no Bōken Land, titled "Go Go Diddy!". He is the main villain of the story segment, attacking Taj the Genie while he is in the middle of a race. Wizpig rips up his carpet, which strips Taj of his magical powers, and then escapes. Mario, Princess Peach and Diddy Kong ride on airplanes to follow Wizpig, and he launches a bomb which strikes Mario and Peach. Diddy Kong avoids the attack, and Wizpig follows it up with a missile, which he also avoids. Diddy manages to bury Wizpig under a pile up of rocks, trapping him underneat. While Diddy Kong and his friends celebrate Wizpig's defeat, the last panel shows Taj the Genie offering to help Wizpig from out of the rocks if he promises to not do any further bad actions.

4-koma Gag Battle[edit]

Wizpig appears throughout the 4-koma Gag Battle manga adaptation of Diddy Kong Racing.

Profile and statistics[edit]

Diddy Kong Racing[edit]

  • Diddy Kong Racing instruction manual: "The big bad bully himself, a spiteful space traveler who hops from planet to planet looking for good places to drop in and cause havoc until there's nothing left there to amuse him. Nobody's ever managed to kick him out before he got bored, but there has to be a first time..."

Diddy Kong Racing DS[edit]

  • Character stats
    • Speed: 5/5
    • Acceleration: 1/5
    • Handling: 1/5






  • Several ghostly entities which resemble Wizpig can be seen in the area Haunted Woods in Diddy Kong Racing.
  • The instruction booklet for Diddy Kong Racing states that before invading Timber's Island, Wizpig had never before been in a race or competition.


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