Fire Mountain (battle course)

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Fire Mountain

Fire Mountain is a challenge level on Dino Domain in the game Diddy Kong Racing and its remake. In the Nintendo 64 version, it can be played any time, but in the remake, it can only be played in multiplayer mode.


Diddy Kong in Fire Mountain

The goal of the game involves the player getting three hatched dinosaur eggs into their respective base. They can get eggs from the middle of the level or steal them from an opponent. After putting the egg on the player's base, it still takes time to hatch. If the egg hasn't hatched yet, opponents are free to steal it. Items are also placed throughout the stage so the player can hit their opponents and make them drop their eggs. After all three eggs have hatched in the player's nest, they win.

The course is in the shape of a large circle. In the center of this circle is a large nest, consisting of a few dinosaur eggs. Racers can swoop down and grab these eggs at any time, although once the eggs are taken from the nest, they may take a while to reappear. A few Item Balloons can also be found around the lower area of the stage around the perimeter of the area, giving the players some rockets to, as mentioned before, shoot at opponents. In the higher areas of the stage, four small individual nests can be found, each being owned by a certain character. A picture of the character is present above each nest, letting the players know who the nests belong to.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファイアーマウンテン
Faiā Maunten
Fire Mountain
French Montagne de Feu Fire Mountain