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This article is about Diddy Kong Racing, a game for the Nintendo 64. For other uses, see DKR.
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Diddy Kong Racing
Developer(s) Rareware
Publisher(s) Rareware
Platform(s) Nintendo 64
Release date USA November 24, 1997
Japan November 21, 1997
Europe November 21, 1997
Genre Racing
ESRB:ESRB K-A.png - Kids to Adults
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
Mode(s) Single player, Multiplayer
Nintendo 64:
Media N64 icon.png Cartridge
Nintendo 64:

Diddy Kong Racing is a racing game developed and published by Rareware for Nintendo 64. Featuring gameplay elements equivalent to the Mario Kart, the game includes the use of airplanes, hovercrafts, and cars. It is the first game of the Diddy Kong Racing series. The game features a story mode, multiplayer modes, and a variety of characters (many from Rare series), such as Diddy Kong, Banjo, Tiptup, and Conker.

Diddy Kong Racing has sold 4.5 million copies upon release.[citation needed] The game was such a success receiving a Player's Choice title and a remake for the Nintendo DS. Two sequels were planned but both were subsequently canceled, with one of them, Diddy Kong Pilot, ultimately released as a Banjo-Kazooie themed racing game, Banjo-Pilot.


Adventure Mode[edit]

The overworld for adventure mode.

Adventure mode is the main mode of the game. Here, the players must find a number of golden balloons to defeat Wizpig. In order to find them, they must win races. After the players win all the races in one of the five worlds, they will race a boss. If the players beats the boss they will be given the challenge of collecting eight coins in each course and then win. When the challenge is complete, the player will face the boss again. After beating the boss again, they will get a piece of the Wizpig Amulet, and the boss will tell them to try the Trophy Race.

Keys are also hidden in the first four worlds, and if found, the player can play special battles against CPUs or friends.

On a side note, a code exists, which enables two players to play. In boss races though, the two players take turns racing the boss.

Adventure Two Mode[edit]

Adventure Two is played the same as Adventure One, but harder. The balloons are silver, the tracks are flipped (very similar to Mirror Mode in the Mario Kart series), and the locations of the silver coins are different, often in hard to reach places. It is unlocked by defeating Wizpig at Future Fun Land in Adventure Mode.

Tracks Mode[edit]

Players can freely play all the race tracks unlocked. Tracks with a Taj symbol are completed tracks, and players can choose any vehicle that is compatible with the track. Tracks with a Wizpig symbol have not been cleared, and players are restricted to the default vehicles for them.

Trophy Races and Battle Stages are also accessible through Tracks mode, however players will always use each track's default vehicle, regardless if a Taj symbol is present.

Characters and Stats[edit]

Diddy Kong
  • Weight group: Middle
  • Acceleration: 3/5
  • Turning: 3/5
  • Top Speed: 3/5
  • Vehicle Color: Dark Blue
  • Weight group: Light
  • Acceleration: 5/5
  • Turning: 4/5
  • Top Speed: 2/5
  • Vehicle Color: Light Blue
  • Weight group: Light
  • Acceleration: 5/5
  • Turning: 5/5
  • Top Speed: 1/5
  • Vehicle Color: Pink
  • Weight group: Middle
  • Acceleration: 4/5
  • Turning: 2/5
  • Top Speed: 3/5
  • Vehicle Color: Yellow
  • Weight group: Middle
  • Acceleration: 2/5
  • Turning: 2/5
  • Top Speed: 4/5
  • Vehicle Color: White
  • Weight group: Middle
  • Acceleration: 3/5
  • Turning: 3/5
  • Top Speed: 3/5
  • Vehicle Color: Dark Green
  • Weight group: Heavy
  • Acceleration: 1/5
  • Turning: 2/5
  • Top Speed: 5/5
  • Vehicle Color: Light Green
  • Weight group: Heavy
  • Acceleration: 1/5
  • Turning: 1/5
  • Top Speed: 5/5
  • Vehicle Color: Orange
DDR Drumstick.jpg
  • Weight group: Heavy
  • Acceleration: 1/5
  • Turning: 3/5
  • Top Speed: 5/5
  • Vehicle Color: Red
  • Weight group: Middle
  • Acceleration: 5/5
  • Turning: 4/5
  • Top Speed: 5/5
  • Vehicle Color: Silver


There are three different vehicles:

DKR Car.png The car is a simple-to-control vehicle, and it can drift. It is affected by off-road, however, and water slows it to a crawl.
DKR Hovercraft.png The hovercraft has slippery controls, requiring players to hop to turn. The hovercraft, however, is not affected by off-road, and it can ride on water and lava without losing speed.
DKR Plane.png Planes can fly over any terrain. They can turn the most sharply and players can perform stunts with them. If players are hit by items or bump into obstacles, however, the plane crashes into the ground, losing speed and altitude, making them more costly than hits on a car or hovercraft.

Race Tracks[edit]

Diddy Kong Racing contains twenty race tracks split between five cups. In most races (marked with a check mark), racers are able to choose what type of vehicle to bring into the race, which can effect the paths in the course they are able to take. For some races, there are vehicles that are not able to be taken into it (marked with a red X). Every race also has a default vehicle type to use (marked with a D), which is usually the best type of vehicle to use for the race.

Dino Domain
Ancient Lake
Fossil Canyon
Jungle Falls
Hot Top Volcano
Car Default Plane Yes Hovercraft Yes Car Default Plane Yes Hovercraft Yes Car Default Plane Yes Hovercraft Yes Car No Plane Default Hovercraft Yes
Snowflake Mountain
Everfrost Peak
Walrus Cove
Snowball Valley
Frosty Village
Car Yes Plane Default Hovercraft Yes Car Default Plane No Hovercraft Yes Car Default Plane No Hovercraft Yes Car Default Plane Yes Hovercraft Yes
Sherbet Island
Whale Bay
Pirate Lagoon
Crescent Island
Treasure Caves
Car No Plane No Hovercraft Default Car No Plane No Hovercraft Default Car Default Plane No Hovercraft Yes Car Default Plane Yes Hovercraft Yes
Dragon Forest
Boulder Canyon
Greenwood Village
Windmill Plains
Haunted Woods
Car No Plane No Hovercraft Default Car Default Plane No Hovercraft Yes Car Yes Plane Default Hovercraft Yes Car Default Plane No Hovercraft Yes
Future Fun Land
Spacedust Alley
Darkmoon Caverns
Star City
Spaceport Alpha
Car Yes Plane Default Hovercraft Yes Car Default Plane No Hovercraft Yes Car Default Plane Yes Hovercraft Yes Car Yes Plane Default Hovercraft Yes

Story Mode[edit]

Wizpig's face, carved into the mountains.

According to the instruction manual, the story begins with Diddy Kong sitting on the porch of his tree house curiously opening a letter delivered by a carrier pigeon. The note reads, "Dear Diddy, Help!!!" The message is from his old friend, Timber, the son of the Kongs' guests, the Tigers. Diddy reads the note a few times and knows he has to help, though he is unsure whether he should draft some extra help, since Wizpig, the villain he reads about in the letter, appears to be a competent foe. Finally, he decides that his friends, Banjo and Conker, will still enjoy an adventure. Diddy calls Squawks, his makeshift carrier pigeon, and gives him the messages for his friends.

Diddy Kong is later at the beginning of his journey, tearing off at high speed through the jungle. A pair of Kremling spies lurking behind a boulder watch him with suspicion. One Kremling, Krunch, suggests they follow Diddy, but the other Kremling rejects his suggestion and bolts into the undergrowth. Krunch, however, tags along with the young ape through the jungle.

Meanwhile, Timber is trying to calm the excitable Pipsy so that he can understand at least part of what she is saying. Pipsy exclaims that she had just seen Taj the Genie, who said he'd help. Tiptup, confused, protests that Taj has been missing for 50 years. Afterwards, the group thinks about the Wizpig face that was carved onto the mountainside overnight, and the race courses that were magically sealed. The group knows they need to solve the problem before Timber's parents return. Bumper then concludes the conversation by telling his friend that everybody needs to start practising. Agreeing with Bumper, Timber and his friends leave, hoping that Diddy Kong does not mention the mess to Timber's parents.

Diddy Kong in the first Wizpig race.

When the first four worlds are completed, the carving of Wizpig's head on the mountainside opens and allows one of the characters to race Wizpig. After beating him, the group has a party along the beach. However, Wizpig interferes in the party before a spaceship arrives and takes him into space. The good guys follow using the lighthouse on the beach, a disguised rocket ship which takes them to Future Fun Land.

After the character completes all the tasks in that world and gets the whole T.T. Amulet, he or she can face Wizpig again, racing against him in their plane, while he rides a rocket. After winning, Wizpig's rocket short circuits and blasts him into an unknown planet that can possibly be the moon. Once again, the heroes of the Timber's Island celebrate their victory, except this time, without Wizpig in the way, and with the carving of Wizpig's head on the mountainside turned into a golden carving of Taj's head.

Right before the credits roll, one of Wizpig's spaceships appear and Wizpig is heard laughing, possibly meaning that he will make a return.

Timber's Island Areas}}
Dino Domain
# Track Unlock requirement Silver Coin Challenge unlock requirement
1 Ancient Lake Golden Balloon: × 1 Golden Balloon: × 6
2 Fossil Canyon Golden Balloon: × 2 Golden Balloon: × 7
3 Jungle Falls Golden Balloon: × 3 Golden Balloon: × 8
4 Hot Top Volcano Golden Balloon: × 5 Golden Balloon: × 10
Boss Boss Track - Tricky the Triceratops Golden Balloon: × 6 + all four individual tracks beaten Golden Balloon: × 11 + all individual tracks complete
Challenge Fire Mountain Dino Domain Wish Key N/A
Trophy Race All four standard courses Silver Coin Challenge + 2nd boss race complete N/A
Snowflake Mountain
# Track Unlock requirement Silver Coin Challenge unlock requirement
1 Everfrost Peak Golden Balloon: × 2 Golden Balloon: × 10
2 Walrus Cove Golden Balloon: × 3 Golden Balloon: × 11
3 Snowball Valley Golden Balloon: × 6 Golden Balloon: × 14
4 Frosty Village Golden Balloon: × 9 Golden Balloon: × 16
Boss Boss Track - Bluey the Walrus Golden Balloon: × 10 + all four individual tracks beaten Golden Balloon: × 17 + all individual tracks complete
Challenge Icicle Pyramid Snowflake Mountain Wish Key N/A
Trophy Race All four standard courses Silver Coin Challenge + 2nd boss race complete N/A
Sherbet Island
# Track Unlock requirement Silver Coin Challenge unlock requirement
1 Whale Bay Golden Balloon: × 10 Golden Balloon: × 17
2 Crescent Island Golden Balloon: × 11 Golden Balloon: × 18
3 Pirate Lagoon Golden Balloon: × 13 Golden Balloon: × 20
4 Treasure Caves Golden Balloon: × 16 Golden Balloon: × 22
Boss Boss Track - Bubbler the Octopus Golden Balloon: × 17 + all four individual tracks beaten Golden Balloon: × 23 + all individual tracks complete
Challenge Darkwater Beach Sherbet Island Wish Key N/A
Trophy Race All four standard courses Silver Coin Challenge + 2nd boss race complete N/A
Dragon Forest
# Track Unlock requirement Silver Coin Challenge unlock requirement
1 Windmill Plains Golden Balloon: × 16 Golden Balloon: × 23
2 Greenwood Village Golden Balloon: × 17 Golden Balloon: × 24
3 Boulder Canyon Golden Balloon: × 20 Golden Balloon: × 30
4 Haunted Woods Golden Balloon: × 22 Golden Balloon: × 37
Boss Boss Track - Smokey the Dragon Golden Balloon: × 23 + all four individual tracks beaten Golden Balloon: × 38 + all individual tracks complete
Challenge Smokey Castle Dragon Forest Wish Key N/A
Trophy Race All four standard courses Silver Coin Challenge + 2nd boss race complete N/A
Wizpig Head
# Track Unlock requirement Silver Coin Challenge unlock requirement
Boss Boss Track - Wizpig All 4 pieces of the Wizpig Amulet N/A
Future Fun Land
# Track Unlock requirement Silver Coin Challenge unlock requirement
1 Spacedust Alley Golden Balloon: × 39 + first Wizpig race & all previous Trophy Races won Golden Balloon: × 43
2 Darkmoon Caverns Golden Balloon: × 40 Golden Balloon: × 44
3 Spaceport Alpha Golden Balloon: × 41 Golden Balloon: × 45
4 Star City Golden Balloon: × 42 Golden Balloon: × 46
Boss Final Boss - Wizpig Strikes Back N/A Golden Balloon: × 47 + all 4 pieces of the T.T. Amulet


Tiptup racing Taj the Genie in a plane.

After the player collects enough Golden Balloons in Adventure Mode, Taj the Genie will appear and challenge the player to a race in a specific vehicle. The player has to race Taj, who rides a flying carpet. The racetrack is marked with red flags showing the Nintendo 64 logo and the player has to follow them. If they leave the set track, they will be disqualified. After Taj is beaten, he will reward the player with another Golden Balloon. There are three different challenges and each of them can be repeated at any time after they have been unlocked (the player will only obtain one Golden Balloon per challenge however).

Car Challenge Is a relatively easy race done in a car. This race goes around a dirt road right in front of Dino Domain and reaches into a tunnel. This should be very easy for the player because of Taj's slow movement.

Hovercraft Challenge Is the second of Taj's races and is a tad harder than the Car Challenge. The track is mostly in water and begins next to the bridge which leads to Dino Domain. In the race the player will hover into a waterfall that is on the far east of the river. Here, they will be in a cave leading to Snowflake Mountain and eventually fall down two small waterfalls taking them to the ocean. Going east will take the player back on shore where they need to go through a small tunnel leading to the finish line.

Plane Challenge Is considered to be the hardest of Taj's three races and a plane is used in it. This race begins at the same place where the Car Challenge begins. From the start the player must fly up to the tunnel leading to Snowflake Mountain and then move east, going over a long river. From there, the player must glide to the beach and go east again. After going through a small tunnel, the player should end up at the finish line.


Weapon Balloons[edit]

Item Balloons.

During the challenges on the different race tracks throughout the game the player can find these Weapon Balloons on the track. Similar to the Item Boxes of the Mario Kart series, these objects will give the player an Item when they break them. There are five different types of Weapon Balloons, each with a unique color and a specific type of Item. A special feature of the Weapon Balloons is their ability to power up, meaning that the player will receive stronger items if they collect more balloons of one color. An item can be upgraded two times, making a total of three items obtainable from one type of balloon.

Type of Balloon Number of Balloons
1 2 3
Red Balloon
DKR64 BalloonRed.png
RedMissile 1.png
One forward-firing missile
RedMissile 2.png
One homing missile
RedMissile 3.png
One 10x multi-shot missile
Blue Balloon
DKR64 BalloonBlue.png
BlueBoost 1.png
A small speed boost. As with the Zippers, releasing the accelerator button gives a larger boost.
BlueBoost 2.png
A larger speed boost
BlueBoost 3.png
The most significant speed boost
Green Balloon
DKR64 BalloonGreen.png
GreenDropper 1.png
An oil slick or gas cloud
GreenDropper 2.png
A land or floating mine
GreenDropper 3.png
A snare bubble which delays enemies for a significant time
Yellow Balloon
DKR64 BalloonYellow.png
Shield 1.png
A short-lasting shield which protects against hits.
Shield 2.png
A longer-lasting shield which protects against hits.
Shield 3.png
A long-lasting shield. If the players run into opponents, the opponents spin out.
Rainbow Balloon
DKR64 BalloonRainbow.png
RainbowMagnet 1.png
A weak pull toward the racer in front of the player, if in range
RainbowMagnet 2.png
An magnet with a stronger pull and longer range
RainbowMagnet 3.png
A powerful magnet that pulls opponents towards the player

Golden Balloons[edit]

Taj giving a Golden Balloon to Conker.

Golden Balloons are the key items in the game. The player must collect them to unlock different courses. After winning a race, Taj will give the player one Golden Balloon. There are a total of 47 balloons; 43 of which are earned though races.

Hidden Golden Balloons

The player comes across four hidden Golden Balloons throughout the overworld in the game:

  • The first one is right in the entrance to Dino Domain.
  • The second is to the left of the stone Wizpig's head.
  • The third is in the ocean behind Sherbet Island's entrance to the left.
  • The last balloon is between the log bridge and two trees, over the river between Sherbet Island and Snowflake Mountain


A Banana

Bananas are scattered in every course. By collecting them, the player is able to increase the top-speed of his or her vehicle until the banana counter reaches ten. After that, the bananas do not affect the vehicle any further. If players get hit, they lose some bananas.

Additionally, bananas play a key role in the battle games of Icicle Pyramid and Darkwater Beach, where they act as the player's life gauge, and in Smokey Castle, where they need to be collected and stored in a treasure chest.


Car, Plane, and Hovercraft Zippers.

Zippers can be used to give the player an extra speed boost. They are found in every track. Letting go of the A Button button before hitting one will make the player go slightly faster.

Types of Zippers[edit]

Each vehicle has a different kind of zipper:

  • The Car Zipper - A chevron-shaped zipper that's flat on the ground and easy to go over with cars and hovercrafts. Planes can also go on these, but the player must be very low to the ground for it to completely work.
  • The Hovercraft Zipper -A triangular zipper only found in water with a flat bottom. Planes can also go through these.
  • The Plane Zipper -Unlike other zippers, the plane zipper is in the air and octagon-shaped. Some plane zippers are low enough above the ground for hovercrafts to use them, but this isn't the case most of the time.

Wish Keys[edit]

Tiptup finding a Key on Crescent Island

There are four Wish Keys hidden throughout the adventure mode of the game. Getting them can unlock 4-player challenge levels. There is one in each of the four regular worlds:

  • Dino Domain- Course: Ancient Lake - The player must go up a nearby ramp to get the first key.
  • Snowflake Mountain- Course: Snowball Valley - The player will find the second key to the left of the finish line.
  • Sherbet Island- Course: Crescent Island - At the start, the player should take the left way at the split and go into the water and Search to find the key.
  • Dragon Forest- Course: Boulder Canyon - The player must race until they get to the bridge and hit the bell. Then listen for a ring, turn 180 degrees, and the bridge should rise. The player must make sure they have the maximum power-ups with the purple star balloons. As the bridge is rising, the player must boost themself up and over the jump. They should be on a platform where they can can obtain the key.

Challenge Levels[edit]

A door that leads to one of the Challenge Levels.

Challenge Levels are special challenges that can be found throughout the four main worlds of the game. Each of these worlds have one Challenge Level matching the theme of the world and they can be unlocked by finding Keys throughout certain race tracks. By winning on a challenge, the player obtains a part of the T.T. Amulet. Each level is different in its appearance and the task it offers to the player.

  • Dino Domain - Course: Fire Mountain - On fire mountain the players goal is to get three eggs into their nest and waiting for all of them to hatch. They can get eggs from the middle of the course, or steal it from opponents. However, once the egg is hatched, it may not be stolen. The player can hit their opponents with weapons to make them drop their eggs. This challenge is played in a plane.
  • Snowflake Mountain - Course: Icicle Pyramid - To play in this challenge, the player must simply hit their opponents with weapons in a three-story pyramid. If a player gets hit four times, they will be out of the battle and lose. The last person standing wins. This is played in a car.
  • Sherbet Island - Course: Darkwater Beach - This one is played the same way as Icicle Pyramid, but takes place on a beach. It is played in a hovercraft.
  • Dragon Forest - Course: Smokey Castle - The goal in Smokey Castle is to find ten bananas throughout the course and be the first one to bring them to their own treasure chest. However, the player can only hold two bananas at a time. The player can also hit their opponents to make them lose bananas. This is played in a car.

Trophy Races[edit]

Main article: Trophy Race
A gold Wizpig trophy.

When the player manages to defeat an area boss twice and receive a piece of the Wizpig Amulet, they can compete in that area's Trophy Race. If the player manages to finish all four races and be placed in 1st place, they receive a gold trophy; silver for 2nd, and bronze for 3rd.

All five areas have a Trophy Race, but Future Fun Land's is only accessible after the player completes all of the Silver Coin Challenges.

Magic Codes[edit]

Magic Codes are game cheats, always accessible in the options menu. These cheats mostly alter only the tracks mode rather than the Adventure mode, while some others do miscellaneous tasks such as allowing players to listen to music in the game. At the end of the game credits, a random magic code is given to players. Here is a complete list of all codes.

Magic Code Name Description
ARNOLD Large players
BLABBERMOUTH Changes horn sounds into character sounds
BODYARMOR All balloons are yellow
BOGUSBANANAS Bananas slow players down
BOMBSAWAY All balloons are red
BYEBYEBALLOONS Balloons are disabled
DODGYROMMER Displays ROM Checksum
DOUBLEVISION Multiple players can be the same character
EPC EPC lockup display
FREEFORALL Fully powered-up balloons
FREEFRUIT Players start with ten bananas
JOINTVENTURE The second player joins Adventure mode
JUKEBOX Adds Music Test to audio menu
NOYELLOWSTUFF No bananas in Tracks mode.
OFFROAD Four-wheel drive
OPPOSITESATTRACT All balloons are rainbows
ROCKETFUEL All balloons are blue
TEENYWEENIES Small players
TIMETOLOSE CPUs are harder
TOXICOFFENDER All balloons are green
VITAMINB Unlimited bananas
WHODIDTHIS Players can view credits
ZAPTHEZIPPERS Disables zippers


A mammoth character repurposed from the RTS build.

Diddy Kong Racing found its root in a short-lived prototype. According to Lead Designer Lee Schuneman, a team of four at Rareware was developing a caveman/time travel-themed real time strategy game for the Nintendo 64[1]; however, the idea was quickly abandoned and the developers decided to create a "fun" racing game named Wild Cartoon Kingdom using assets from the canceled RTS (3D artist Lee Musgrave denies, however, that the two projects were ever related[2]).

The racing aspect was heavily inspired by Super Mario Kart while the concept of an "adventure" mode was inspired by Disney World according to Schumenam[1]. The initial concept featured a hub world based on theme parks. Development was initially slow until a larger team was brought in to help accelerate the project, and the game was renamed to Adventure Racers.

The project was renamed Pro Am 64 (in reference to Rare's NES hit R.C. Pro-AM) later in development and briefly featured the characters using three-wheeled trike-like vehicles[1]. The game was demoed to Shigeru Miyamoto in June 1997, who approved of it and suggested that it should feature Diddy Kong[1]. The development team initially hated the idea[1], but eventually agreed with Miyamoto's suggestion as featuring Diddy Kong brought stronger marketing from Nintendo and greater visibility to the game due to the popularity of the Donkey Kong brand.


Diddy Kong Pilot[edit]

Main article: Diddy Kong Pilot

Rare planned to make a Diddy Kong Pilot, but the game ended up canceled, due to Rare's move to Microsoft in 2002. It was supposed to be for Game Boy Advance and many Kongs were set to be playable, including Redneck Kong. It was replaced by Banjo-Pilot, an indirect sequel to Diddy Kong Racing.

Donkey Kong Racing[edit]

Main article: Donkey Kong Racing

Rare and Nintendo also planned to make Donkey Kong Racing for the Nintendo GameCube. However, this game was also canceled due to Rare's move to Microsoft in 2002. Very little had been revealed about it, but Animal Buddies and Kiddy Kong were supposed to reappear.

Diddy Kong Racing DS[edit]

Main article: Diddy Kong Racing DS

A remake for the Nintendo DS was released: Diddy Kong Racing DS. Although a remake, it featured more characters, tracks, and some different challenges. Some music had also changed.


Main article: Gallery:Diddy Kong Racing


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Pre-release and unused content[edit]

Main article: List of Diddy Kong Racing pre-release and unused content

All objects are assigned a name according to the files. One unfinished track remains in the game, Horseshoe Gulch. It can be accessed with cheats.


Main article: List of Diddy Kong Racing staff

Software Director[edit]

  • Robert Harrison

Software Engineers[edit]

  • Paul Mountain
  • John Pegg
  • Richard Gale

Art Director[edit]

3D Artists[edit]

  • Lee Musgrave
  • Keith Rabbette
  • Dean Smith
  • Johnni Christensen
  • Brian Smyth
  • Paul Cunningham


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  2. ^ Nintendo Life: Month Of Kong: The Making Of Diddy Kong Racing

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ディディーコングレーシング
Didī Kongu Rēshingu
Diddy Kong Racing
Korean 디디콩 레이싱
Didikong Reising
Chinese 迪迪剛的赛车
Dídí Gāng Desàichē

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