Haunted Woods

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Diddy Kong Racing course
Haunted Woods
Haunted Woods, from Diddy Kong Racing.
Location Dragon Forest
Balloon(s) required 22 (race)
37 (challenge, N64)
35 (challenge, DS)
Transportation Car, Hovercraft
Meet T.T (N64) 1:22.00
Beat T.T. 1:09.51
Notes Ghostly Wizpig heads appear in the woods.
Course map
Minimap of Haunted Woods from Diddy Kong Racing
Haunted Woods course icon from Diddy Kong Racing DS.
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Not to be confused with Gloomy Gulch, which has been officially named "Haunted Forest" on one occasion.

Haunted Woods is the fourth and final course of Dragon Forest, the sixteenth main race track, and the final prior to Future Fun Land in Diddy Kong Racing and its Nintendo DS remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS.

The player must have at least 22 Golden Balloons to race on Haunted Woods, and 37 to unlock its Silver Coin challenge (or 35 to unlock the Balloon Touch Challenge in the Nintendo DS remake). The stage's default vehicle is Cars, but racers can use Hovercrafts after completing the course twice or via Time Trials. The official Diddy Kong Racing website suggested racing as Timber on this track.[1]


Haunted Woods

The course immediately has a right turn that leads into a medieval village, and a fountain. There are two paths around the fountain, but they both intersect with one another quickly. The track then leads into a long passageway and a castle gate, before heading into the woods. As the driver enters the woods, they are confronted with ghostly Wizpig heads, but the track soon loops around to a bridge leading back into the castle and then the finish line.

In the DS remake, the dark sky was changed to a green canopy ceiling.

Silver Coin locations[edit]

Adventure mode[edit]

  • The first coin is in the center of the road, before it branches off into two paths.
  • The second coin is on the left path after branching off.
  • The third coin is on the right path after branching off.
  • The fourth coin is in the passageway, on the right side by the wall.
  • The fifth coin is in the middle of the road, just before the track goes into the forest.
  • The sixth coin is on the inside part of the long looping corner.
  • The seventh coin is just after the sixth coin, on the same part of the road.
  • The eighth coin is just in front of the bridge, leading back into the village.

Adventure Two mode[edit]

  • On the left side of the branching path around the fountain.
  • On the right side of the branching path around the fountain.
  • Just after the fountain, in the middle of the track.
  • On the left side of the track, after the first tunnel.
  • On the right side of the track, after the first tunnel.
  • Just after a red Item Balloon, on the left side of the track near the entrance of the forest section.
  • Further along the same corner as the preceding Silver Coin, on the left side of the track.
  • On the right side of the track, near the final Zipper.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴーストウッズ
Gōsuto Uzzu
Ghost Woods
French Bois Possede Possessed Woods
German Zauberwald (N64)
Spukwald (DS)
Magic Forest
Spooky Forest
Italian Boschi Stregati Haunted Woods
Spanish Bosque Encantado Enchanted Forest