Splashdown Pass

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Diddy Kong Racing Track
Splashdown Pass
Location Timber's Island
Balloon(s) required None
Transportation Car, Hovercraft, Plane
Notes This track is exclusive to the game's Nintendo DS remake.
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Splashdown Pass is an unlockable race track in the game Diddy Kong Racing DS. Along with Thunder Cove, Meandering Mount, and Strangled Shrine, it seems to be raced on Donkey Kong Island. This course seems to be based off of it the least. The pass, like most of the other DK Island, is based off of the jungle levels in Donkey Kong Country, but it is also based (loosely) off of the underwater levels and, for a brief section in the track, cave levels. The area is quite mountainous, with its most prominent features are the wide and fast water falls that are bridged over to make the track raceable.

It can only be obtained from Taj in his tent. The track was not featured in the original game.