Sherbet Island

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Not to be confused with Sherbet Land.
Sherbet Island
Sherbet Island.png
The lobby of Sherbet Island
First appearance Diddy Kong Racing
Latest appearance Diddy Kong Racing DS
Greater location Timber's Island
Ruler Bubbler the Octopus
Inhabitants Whales

Sherbet Island is the third world in Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. The minimum requirement to enter this world is ten Golden Balloons. The door that leads to this world can be found on a small island at the beach side of Timber Island.

The courses of Sherbet Island feature beach and pirate-themed tracks, with many sandbanks, palm trees, ship wrecks, and bays. Many courses involve water in some way and the character uses a hovercraft to drive around the island's lobby. The boss of Sherbet Island is Bubbler the Octopus.

In the Tracks mode in the original Diddy Kong Racing, this world is the second on the list.

The DS remake features the entrance to Bubbler's course with an arch adorned with a statue of himself.


For courses where two or all three vehicles can be used, vehicles listed in bold print are the mandated vehicle during Adventure Mode and the Trophy Race, and other vehicles can only be used in a Time Trial or after the course is completed.

Course Unlock requirement Vehicles Description
Whale Bay, from Diddy Kong Racing.
Whale Bay
Golden Balloon: × 10 (race)
Golden Balloon: × 17 (Silver Coin/Balloon Pop Challenge)
Hovercraft The Whale Bay track is set at a beach-like environment. The racers mainly race on the water surface with hovercrafts, but there are also sand banks with palm trees on top of them. The track also features an agrounded ship and a whale that can be used as a ramp to reach the ship's deck.
Crescent Island, from Diddy Kong Racing.
Crescent Island
Golden Balloon: × 11 (race)
Golden Balloon: × 18 (Silver Coin/Balloon Pop Challenge)
Car, Hovercraft Like Whale Bay, the Crescent Island track is set on a beach. However, this track is built on solid ground and can be raced with car. Racers can fall into the water and are slowed down at the beginning of the track, but in later parts, the cliffs have balustrades. There is also a huge ship near the middle of the track that needs to be traversed to finish the course.
Pirate Lagoon,from Diddy Kong Racing.
Pirate Lagoon
Golden Balloon: × 13 (race)
Golden Balloon: × 20 (Silver Coin/Balloon Pop Challenge)
Hovercraft Pirate Lagoon begins with a segment where the racers race on water, then changes to a sandy footing and ends in another water segment. The track is traversed with hovercafts. Along the way are several small islands and rock formations that can impede the racers' progress. Some of the obstacles can be overjumped with the aid of a boost.
Treasure Caves, from Diddy Kong Racing.
Treasure Caves
Golden Balloon: × 16 (race)
Golden Balloon: × 22 (Silver Coin/Balloon Pop Challenge)
Car, Hovercraft, Plane Treasure Caves is once again set on solid ground. The characters race through a cavernous landscape alongside cliffs. The track also features a cave with a narrow rocky path, surrounded by a green liquid. The liquid slows the Kart down, so the racer should avoid leaving the path.
Bubbler's Course.png
Boss race:
Bubbler's Course
First match:
Golden Balloon: × 17 + every track completed
Golden Balloon: × 23 + every track completed
Hovercraft The player's character races Bubbler in a hovercraft along a flooded track. There are many obstacles in the water that can slow down the racer's progress, like swimming logs. The octopus drops mines, or bubbles in the second race, that the racer must avoid.
Darkwater Beach, from Diddy Kong Racing.
Challenge Level:
Darkwater Beach
N64: Crescent Island's Wish Key
DS: 30 coins
Hovercraft The challenge takes place in a flooded area and the racers cruise with hovercrafts. Everyone of the four participants has eight bananas at the start, and loses a few of them if hit by a missile or another weapon. Several power-ups are spread across the field so the racers can attack each other. If a racer loses all bananas, they get disqualified. The last racer remaining wins, and if the player's character wins, they receive a piece of the T.T. amulet.

In the DS remake, Challenge Levels were replaced by Wish Races against T.T. in the Adventure Mode, being playable only in multiplayer.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トロピカルゾーン
Toropikaru Zōn
Tropical Zone

French Ile Sorbet
Sherbet Island
German Sherbet Island
Italian Arcipelago Granita
Granita Archipelago
Spanish Isla Sorbete
Sherbet Island