Hot Top Volcano

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Diddy Kong Racing course
Hot Top Volcano
Hot Top Volcano, from Diddy Kong Racing.
Location Dino Domain
Balloon(s) required 5 (race)
10 (challenge)
Transportation Hovercraft, Plane (default)
Meet T.T (N64) 1:35.00
Beat T.T. 1:30.71
Notes The first and only lava-themed course.
Course map
Minimap of Hot Top Volcano from Diddy Kong Racing
Hot Top Volcano course icon from Diddy Kong Racing DS.
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Hot Top Volcano is the fourth and final course of the Dino Domain area of Timber Island and the fourth overall track in Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS. Hot Top Volcano is a barren, volcanic area with pools of yellow lava, a few caves, and orange-brown clouds in the sky. The player's racer is required to have at least five Golden Balloons to access Hot Top Volcano and ten for the Silver Coin Challenge (or the Balloon Touch Challenge in the Nintendo DS remake).

Hot Top Volcano is the first course to use a plane as a default vehicle. In Time Trials and subsequent races, the player is provided with an option to have the characters race in Hovercrafts. The official Diddy Kong Racing website suggested racing as Pipsy on this track.[1]


Hot Top Volcano from Diddy Kong Racing
The start of the track.

The course begins with a sharp drop. There are two red balloons and two balloons only planes can reach. Some bananas are found behind the rock structure. Then, there are two tunnels; on the right, there is a blue balloon both hovercrafts and planes can reach. Hovercrafts fall into the lava after this. Planes can collect red balloons on the main left path, but they can also collect some bananas on a narrow corridor on the left.

There is a large slope after this with a red balloon on the left and a blue balloon on the right. Hovercrafts enter the lava after a sharp downward slope. Planes can use a dash ring on the left. An arch is found here with two red balloons on the left and two blue balloons on the right.

Soon, there is a turn to the left, leading into another room. A green dinosaur roams in this room, being an obstacle. There is relatively rough terrain. Players can opt for balloons and dash rings on the sides of the room or for bananas in the middle. After an archway, racers complete the lap.

Silver Coin Challenge locations[edit]

Like the other courses, Hot Top Volcano has eight Silver Coins scattered in its area in the Silver Coin Challenge of the original version. The player can access this challenge after winning against Dino Domain's boss, Tricky the Triceratops.

Adventure Mode[edit]

  • The first Silver Coin is behind the rock formation just after the beginning of the lap.
  • The second Silver Coin is at the end of the left tunnel at the first forking path of the lap.
  • The third Silver Coin is in between two Weapon Balloons on the left path in the first lava section.
  • The fourth Silver Coin is at the top of the hill after the first lava section.
  • The fifth Silver Coin is on top of an arch during the second lava section.
  • The sixth Silver Coin is at the mouth of the tunnel after the second lava section.
  • The seventh Silver Coin is in the penultimate boost ring.
  • The final Silver Coin is in the final boost ring.

Adventure Two mode[edit]

  • On the left of the rock formation, at the bottom.
  • Underneath a stalactite in the first lava section.
  • On the left side of the track, at the end of a small tunnel.
  • In the middle of two Item Balloons, just before the second lava section.
  • Underneath another stalactite in the second lava section, near a Zipper.
  • Floating above the lava, just before exiting the second lava section.
  • Floating above the lava in the middle of the track, during the section with the spurting fire.
  • In the middle of the tunnel, just before the finish line.


Diddy Kong Racing[edit]

Diddy Kong Racing DS[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マグマかざん
Maguma Kazan
Magma Volcano

French Volcan Bouillant
Boiling Volcano
German Brodelvulkan (N64)
Glutvulkan (DS)
Boiling Volcano
Embers Volcano
Italian Vulcano Ardente
Ardent Volcano
Spanish Volcán Ardiente
Ardent Volcano