Bubbler's Course

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Diddy Kong Racing course
Bubbler's Course
Bubbler's Course.png
Location Sherbet Island
Balloon(s) required 16 (all other stages must be complete)
Transportation Hovercraft
Course map
Minimap of Bubbler the Octopus from Diddy Kong Racing
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Bubbler's Course (referred to simply as Bubbler the Octopus by the game's website)[1] is the boss course of Sherbet Island, the third overall boss course and the fifteenth race course overall in the Nintendo 64 game Diddy Kong Racing and its remake Diddy Kong Racing DS. The player races against Bubbler the Octopus on this course. It is unlocked after all the races in Sherbet Island are completed for the first time. This place appears to be a water-based, circular course which features a tunnel section. The racer would need to avoid many obstacles in this course such as mines, bubbles and logs. During the first race, Bubbler drops mines to prevent the Player from winning and during the second race, Bubbler will summon bubbles.