Crescent Island

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This article is about the race course in Diddy Kong Racing. For the location in Paper Mario: The Origami King initially called "Crescent Moon Island", see Full Moon Island.
Diddy Kong Racing course
Crescent Island
Crescent Island, from Diddy Kong Racing.
Location Sherbet Island
Balloon(s) required 11 (race)
18 (challenge)
Transportation Car, Hovercraft
Meet T.T (N64) 1:39.00
Beat T.T. 1:33.16
Notes Part of the course takes place on a ship.
Course map
Minimap of Crescent Island from Diddy Kong Racing
Crescent Island course icon from Diddy Kong Racing DS.
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Crescent Island is the second course of Sherbet Island, the tenth main race track, and the twelfth overall track in Diddy Kong Racing and its remake, Diddy Kong Racing DS. The player needs a minimum total of 11 Golden Balloons to open this course, and later 18 to compete in the Silver Coin Challenge (or Balloon Touch Challenge in the Nintendo DS remake). The car is the default vehicle for this course, but upon its completion or during a Time Trial, the hovercraft can be used. This track is also seen in the intro, where Conker drives happily hands-free and Tiptup accidentally loses control, both in cars. The official Diddy Kong Racing website suggested racing as Diddy on this track.[1]


The start of the track

The track has a fork in the road at the initial part of the level where players may either take a Zipper on the left or collect balloons on the right. Then, the track curves to the right, where players can collect red or green balloons. Bananas are also next to the walls on the right. When the players exit the area, they can drive on a Zipper and collect more bananas.

Further ahead is a pirate ship, where players can either drive directly through it, or they can enter an opening on top of it and continue onwards. There are bananas on the right, before the entrance on the pirate ship. Also, if players have a hovercraft, they can take a shortcut by riding around the ship, instead of going on it. Near the end of the track is another shortcut where players must take a sharp right to achieve without crashing into a sandy spike in the ground.

A Wish Key is also in this course. To find it, players must go left into the ocean in at the first fork in the road. An X mark can be seen on the wall with the key under it. The key allows players to play at the challenge level, Darkwater Beach.

In the Nintendo DS remake, the track is mainly the same. However, the key is found in a different location to the original. It is to the left after players finish the first fork in the road. The Nintendo 64 logo on the ship's middle sail has been changed to an icon of Diddy Kong.

Silver Coin locations[edit]

Adventure mode[edit]

  • The first coin is on the left path from the first fork in the road, just before the first Zipper.
  • The second coin is at the end of the left path from the first fork in the road.
  • The third coin is at the end of the right path from the first fork in the road.
  • The fourth coin is near a cave wall, on the far right of the course, in the tree section.
  • The fifth coin is just before the ramp to the pirate ship, on the far left of the course.
  • The sixth coin is on the pirate ship, if the player goes up the second ramp and not into the opening. This coin is located over a hole, which drops to the lower section.
  • The seventh coin is on the far left of the course after the pirate ship, before the player goes into the cave.
  • The eighth coin is in the shortcut that skips the course's final corner.

Adventure Two mode[edit]

  • Near the water's edge, down a small hill, right next to the starting line.
  • On the left branching path, on the right side of the track, just before the two paths converge.
  • After the branching paths, in the first open section, near the water's edge on the right side of the course, down a small hill.
  • After the branching paths, in the first open section, next a palm tree on the right side of the course.
  • On the left side of the track, just before the ship, next to a coconut tree.
  • Behind the mast when entering the ship.
  • Right next to a wall after exiting the ship.
  • Right next to a wall, in front of a life preserver, on the final corner.


Diddy Kong Racing[edit]

Diddy Kong Racing DS[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese みかづきアイランド
Mikazuki Airando
Crescent Moon Island

French Ile du Croissant
Crescent Island
German Mondsichelinsel (N64)
Sichelinsel (DS)
Crescent Moon Island
Crescent Island
Italian Isola della Luna
Moon Island
Spanish Isla Lunera
Lunera Island ("Lunera" is a wordplay that serves as an adjective for the moon.)


  • The musical score of Crescent Island is one of two courses whose theme plays in the end credits, the other being Darkmoon Caverns's theme.
  • Crescent Island was recreated by Naughty Dog while they were developing Crash Team Racing, mainly to see if they could make a race track of a similar scale on the original PlayStation.[2]