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The Wish Key for Dino Domain in Diddy Kong Racing DS. The Wish Key for Snowflake Mountain in Diddy Kong Racing DS.

The Wish Key for Sherbet Island in Diddy Kong Racing DS. The Wish Key for Dragon Forest in Diddy Kong Racing DS.

Artwork of the four different Wish Keys in Diddy Kong Racing DS

Wish Keys,[1] originally referred to as keys[2] or Gold Keys,[3][4] are a set of four keys that appear in Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS. All four keys are large golden keys in the original version. In the remake, each Wish Key received a distinct design, most based on their world theme: Dino Domain's has a skull design; Snowflake Mountain's is made of ice; Sherbet Island's key resembles a golden anchor; and Dragon Forest's has the same gold appearance as before.

Each Wish Key is hidden in a racetrack of all four worlds and unlocks the Challenge Level door of its respective world. After each key is retrieved, the character can choose to either win or quit the race. Their role was slightly changed in the DS remake, where each Wish Key unlocks a Wish Race against T.T.

Wish Keys appear in the following locations:

Image Course Challenge Level Location
Diddy Kong finds the first key Ancient Lake
(Dino Domain)
Fire Mountain The racer must drive off a ramp located offtrack and next to the course's first turn.
The key location of Snowflake Mountain in Diddy Kong Racing. Snowball Valley (Snowflake Mountain) Icicle Pyramid The racer must drive to the left of the finish line, which leads to a hidden path. The Wish Key is in an alcove of the icicle-covered wall on the right side.
Tiptup finds the key of Crescent Island in Diddy Kong Racing. Crescent Island (Sherbet Island) Darkwater Beach The racer must take the left path at the split. Around halfway through the path, they must drive into the water and collect the Wish Key in a nearby alcove. The easiest way for it is the hovercraft.
The key of Dragon Forest in Diddy Kong Racing. Boulder Canyon
(Dragon Forest)
Smokey Castle The racer must race through the course and stop after crossing the drawbridge. They must hit a nearby bell, which causes the drawbridge to slowly rise. As it rises, the racer must use a speed boost power-up near the end of the drawbridge and boost onto a platform with the final Wish Key.


  • Instruction booklet: There is one Wish Key hidden in each hub area of the island. Find the key to gain access to the locked door in each hub, then complete the challenge to gain a piece of the TT Amulet.[1]


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