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This article is about the Silver Coins that appear in Diddy Kong Racing. For the silver coins from Wario Land 4, see Coin (Wario Land 4). For the item referred to as a "silver coin" in Super Mario Bros. 3 guides, see Blue Coin. For the item from Super Mario World called Silver Coin in Japanese, see Gray Coin.
Not to be confused with Coin (Diddy Kong Racing DS).
Artwork of Silver Coin from Diddy Kong Racing DS.

Silver Coins are coins that appear during the Silver Coin Challenges in Diddy Kong Racing.

In the original Nintendo 64 release, every course has a Silver Coin Challenge, where the player's objective is to collect eight Silver Coins and win in first place. Many of the Silver Coins are well hidden or located off-track. The player can only participate in a world's Silver Coin Challenges after winning against the world boss in a race, and by having enough Golden Balloons to re-enter the respective courses. After completing a Silver Coin Challenge, the player wins a Golden Balloon.

In Diddy Kong Racing DS, the Silver Coin Challenges are all replaced with Balloon Touch Challenges in Adventure Mode. The Silver Coin Challenges still exist in the single race mode, and can be purchased from Taj's wish menu. Each track's Silver Coin Challenge must be unlocked by completing its respective Balloon Touch Challenge.