Silver Coin

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This article is about the Silver Coins that appear in Diddy Kong Racing. For the silver coins from Wario Land 4, see Coin (Wario Land 4). For the item referred to as a "silver coin" in Super Mario Bros. 3 guides, see Blue Coin. For the item from Super Mario World called Silver Coin in Japanese, see Gray Coin.
Artwork of Silver Coin from Diddy Kong Racing DS.

Silver Coins are coins that appear in Diddy Kong Racing, where collecting them all is a main objective. Silver Coins can be found around certain tracks after beating a world boss and collecting several balloons. They are scattered throughout each track, sometimes hidden in hard to reach spots. Each one must be collected in all stages to complete the game. When taking the challenge, players must grab each Silver Coin while racing and win first place. If they manage to do so, they complete the track's challenge. In the portable reissue, Diddy Kong Racing DS, Silver Coins were relatively unchanged except for the absence of the Rare logo and were no longer part of the storyline, now having to be unlocked after getting at least bronze in the Touch Screen Balloon Popping Challenge.